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[v1.6.0+] Self-Portrait Over Grass
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Author:  Zizzo [ Sun Nov 17, 2019 1:00 am ]
Post subject:  [v1.6.0+] Self-Portrait Over Grass

Having fun with the new "Customize" dialog. One small complaint so far, though: it's really hard to judge what dark hair will look like against the near-black background of the dialog. What would be good here is a backdrop of sorts behind the display model, like the grass or dungeon floors you're going to be running around on.

Hence my new Self-Portrait Over Grass addon, which adds a dropdown in the bottom corner of the dialog to choose between grass, floor, snow or no background. Bit of a hack, but it works.

[Looking ahead, this strikes me as the sort of purely cosmetic addon that could easily be merged into a later version of ZOmnibus and ZOmnibus Lite.]

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