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[v1.5.0+] Don't Summon While Meditating
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Author:  Zizzo [ Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:56 am ]
Post subject:  [v1.5.0+] Don't Summon While Meditating

When I started out with Summoners, my initial assessment of the Meditation talent was, "Okay, obviously you want this one active all the time for equilibrium management. I mean, who cares about a damage penalty that only applies to the player, right?" [sound F/X: audience laugh track] :oops: Well, even so, it's still useful sometimes to pop Meditation for a few turns to rein in your equilibrium — which means every so often, my summons will start feeling lackluster, and I'll notice that I accidentally left Meditation active. :oops:

Hence my new Don't Summon While Meditating addon, which basically pops up a confirmation dialog if you try to summon something while the Meditation talent is active, configurable via new game option "Gameplay | Confirm summons while meditating". In theory, this should apply to any talent that uses equilibrium and is flagged as "is a summon", including talents from other addons; this is untested, however, and addon load ordering might factor in.

(Looking ahead, this addon strikes me as the sort of "protection from not paying attention" addon that led to ZOmnibus Lite in the first place, so it could maybe be merged into ZOmnibus but probably not ZOmnibus Lite.)

[Technical notes:]
  ToME:load [to modify summoning talents]
  GameOptions:generateList [to add our game option]

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