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Auto Switch to Fungal Web
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Author:  helminthauge [ Sat Apr 20, 2019 7:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Auto Switch to Fungal Web

Every one uses salves wants Fungal Web, but if you also want Alchemist's Helper to boost your damage, you'll have to switch your belt tinkers twice every time you use a salve, which is annoying. Now we have a solution!
With this addon, you just need to keep your Fungal Web in your inventory and you'll get the heal every time you activate any salve other than Healing Salve. You still need a belt equipped, and your belt and current belt tinker cannot have any active abilities. In these exceptional cases, you still need to manually switch your tinker.

Well, because I've chosen a simpler way to modify the codes, it actually works a bit different. How it works is:
-1.whenever you detach a Fungal Web, it reads its tier. Only the max tier is recorded.
0.when you uses a Pain Suppressor / Fiery / Frost / Water / Unstoppable Force Salve,
1.check whether you already have a Fungal Web equipped, and if yes proceed as normal.
2.check whether you have a belt, whether it has an active ability, and whether it has Thunder Grenade attached
3.if the answer is yes, no and no, give you the heal according to the max tier recorded.

so to make this works, you need to equip your Fungal Web once. Whether you keep it after or just throw it doesn't matter. shouldn't be game changing though.

and I know this should usually be implemented with hook instead of overload, but I just cannot understand how hook works. Can somebody help me with this?

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