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PostPosted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 12:37 am 
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In a roguelike, risk equals death, which means the correct response to a "now or never" event is usually "never". That's the motivation behind my Melinda on the Map and Merchant on the Map addons, after all: to allow you to enter those zones when you're ready for them.

One big gap that still leaves, though, is Fearscape invasion portals and naga invasion portals. You can't really viably leave those alone, since they'll just keep spitting more demons and/or nagas at you as you kill them (which are specially flagged to give no XP and no drops, so there's no point in even farming them :roll: ), so pretty much your only options are to destroy the portal or go in immediately.

Well, as with Melinda, I decided that if I was going to do either of these zones, it would be on my terms, so I whipped up my new Invasion Portal Rain Check addon. This addon slightly modifies the Fearscape invasion and naga invasion game events, adding an option to temporarily seal the invasion portal. A sealed portal will not spawn new invaders when you kill the ones already present, and you can step onto the portal later to either destroy it or unseal and enter it.

Now, as with my Requiescat In Pace addon, I found that the 'Zone:loadEvents' hook doesn't really give me the leverage I need to modify these events in place, so I've had to resort to overloading the event definition files. That means that any other addon that tries to modify these files is likely to be incompatible with this one; We Apologize for the Inconvenience.™

And no, this probably isn't going into ZOmnibus. :wink:

[Implementation notes:]
  /data/general/events/fearscape-portal.lua [to add seal-portal option]
  /data/general/events/naga-portal.lua [to add seal-portal option]

"Blessed are the yeeks, for they shall inherit Arda..."

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