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New Class: Centurion: Leader of 100
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Author:  notaffiliated [ Tue Oct 23, 2018 6:39 am ]
Post subject:  New Class: Centurion: Leader of 100

The Centurion carries no special abilities by himself. This Warrior subclass is instead a master general, with 100 men in tow and 100 more in reserve if any should fall. The Centurion's charisma and strategic acumen is the sole reason he is able to survive and thrive in a dungeon, with a multifaceted arsenal of men at his disposal, ready to be summoned into play at a moment's notice, with superior strategy to allow deployment in ways ordinary men never imagined. Alone, they are weak, but together, they are Legion.

Primary Stats: Str and Con

Weapon Restrictions: Uses a one handed weapon and shield.

Pros: Many, MANY weak soldier summons available at any given time. Access to formations and can command units to attack for you. Expendable units can prevent you from ever needing to engage in melee yourself. Powerful sustains while with your army.

Cons: You do not want to be fighting on the front lines without your army by your side supporting you. No dodge capacity, instead using troops to prevent enemies from getting close. Highly reliant on your summons for good skills.

Ideas for Skill Trees

Commander: Your army needs a commander to lead them. Skills run off of STR.

The first skill tree gives you three weak summons for an offensive melee, defensive melee, and archer. Unlike thought forms, these must be summoned adjacent to a wall, and are generally far weaker in exchange for being able to summon them so long as you have the stamina. These skills all go on a short cooldown if one is killed.

The second skill will boost the quality of the weapons your summons have, with the first skill allowing for egos to spawn on weapons and armor before the weapons and armor go up the quality tiers.

The third skill allows you to command summons to attack a specific foe, whom they will target. This also grants a boost to attack to summoned units.

The fourth skill allows summoned units to get a free critical attack when they join the battle. Additional levels of the skill will allow this attack to ignore more and more of the enemy's resistances.

Phalanx Offensive: Offensive skills for a tried and true army formation. Skills run off of STR.

The first skill is a sustain that allows for two defensive units to be adjacent to you at any given time, with a universal skill that allows you to reposition formations if need be. These units will always follow you wherever you move unless they physically cannot do so, in which case they will retreat and be summoned when available again or after 2 of your actions, whichever comes last. Any defensive units you have summoned are immediately teleported adjacent to the phalanx and are counted as part of it for skills. Units in the phalanx get a spear they will use with their skills, and additional levels will boost the quality of the spear.

The second skill will allow you and any allied units adjacent to you to attack any square adjacent to any ally, so long as they are adjacent to the player, even on a diagonal. Damage will scale up with level.

The third skill is a javelin toss using the spear. This skill can only be used with the Phalanx active, and can be targeted once for every unit in the phalanx at the time. This has a range of three away from you, and will inflict a debuff that reduces defense. Additional levels will boost the effectiveness of this debuff.

The fourth skill will allow for a powerful front attack that will knock back all enemies in front of the phalanx two spaces. The power and ability to knock back are increased per level of the skill.

Phalanx Defensive: Defensive skills for the phalanx. Skills run off of CON.

The first skill also allows for a phalanx to be sustained along with the reposition command, but this will instead give a buff to the summoned units' shield, turning the standard equippable shield into the umbo of a crafted scutum. This affects your shield as well. Additional levels boost the additional defensive power of the scutum modification. (For both this skill and the offensive one, you can see both the power of the spear and the scutum.)

The second skill is a sustain that allows the phalanx to form a shield wall, further boosting the defense of all three units in the phalanx, with a more notable bonus to ranged defense, both of which increase as this skill levels. At level 3 and above, the modifications also defend against general magic.

The third skill is a sustain that will have you form a spear wall, damaging any foes that move adjacent to you or attempt to attack the phalanx at reduced attack power. Additional levels boost the power of the spear wall.

The fourth skill allows you to summon a second phalanx of three allies that will attempt to charge from two points in a straight line and into enemies. They can charge through enemies and allies, but not walls, damaging enemies along the way. The line can only be 4 squares long in any direction. When the move is done, the phalanx will remain on the field, immobile, but with both the spear wall and shield wall active, with all relevant skills one level lower than yours. This phalanx can use any offensive and defensive skill you have in your repertoire.

Skirmisher Deployment: Deploy light troops skillfully for ambushes. Skills run off of CON.

The first skill will allow you to deploy a skirmisher armed with a sling and buckler anywhere adjacent to a wall so long as it is at least 2 squares away from you. This can be cast on an enemy in the appropriate position as a ranged attack, but this does not summon anyone. The skirmisher will stay for 5 turns, but will remain an additional turn if you attack an enemy. Additional levels boost the level of the skirmisher and the attack.

The second skill gives the skirmisher a javelin with the same stats as the phalanx spear. This skirmisher will participate in javelin throws started by a phalanx if able and has a 3 turn cooldown javelin toss. Additional levels will boost this character's javelin only (as the phalanx spear is only boosted by that skill). At level 5, this skirmisher gets a free javelin toss on an enemy when summoned.

The third skill gives the skirmisher a free attack on a random enemy adjacent to you when summoned, dealing more damage than normal. More levels boost the damage. At level 4, he gets 2 free attacks on random enemies adjacent to you.

The fourth skill will augment all your skirmisher's ranged attacks to include additional attacks on that foe from random directions. These attacks will pass through allies, but impact other enemies. These also ignore walls. Additional levels boost the damage of these additional shots.

Archer Wall: A formation of archers at your disposal. Skills run off of STR.

The first skill allows you to summon a group of three archers deployed in a line. Any summoned archers immediately teleport adjacent to this archer wall and are counted for skills. This company of archers is immobile, however the company carries a large, deployable crossbow with boosted stats that the central unit uses. This crossbow can be used for regular attacks as well as in skills, and ignores allied units when attacking. Additional levels boost the power of this crossbow.

The second skill allows you to target a square and all the ones adjacent to it in a rain of arrows with the archer wall deployed. This can hit up to three times, however accuracy is poor after the first volley. Additional levels boost the damage. Every other level, the radius increases.

The third skill will allow your archers to load alchemical or poisonous bolts, toggleable on summon, dealing extra damage in random elements or inflicting random poisons on enemies. Additional levels boost the damage and effects.

The fourth skill allows the crossbow unit to load an explosive bolt while the other two shoot flare shots. The explosive bolt deals direct damage to the targeted square and each adjacent square, while the flare shots inflict a debuff that reduces the accuracy and evasion of enemies. Additional levels boost the damage and debuff.

Company Mage: A mage from Angolwen has heard of your company and is lending his talents. Skills run off of STR.

Half of the skill points invested in this tree will be refunded if your character goes anti-mage at Zigur.

The first skill allows you to summon a basic mage onto the battlefield, able to throw arcane bolts and heal units from afar. The potency of his spells, but not their level, increases with every level.

The second skill allows you to command him to attack or heal a specific target. Additional levels of this skill will boost the level of his basic spells, but not their direct potency.

The third skill allows the mage to grant shields to himself and his allies. Additional levels boost the level of his shield. At level 3, the shield is upgraded to a Time Shield.

The fourth skill will grant random elemental effects to all your summoned units' attacks while summoned, with additional levels boosting the effect.

Company Anti-Mage: A Zigurian anti-mage has joined the company and is lending his talents. Skills run off of STR.

Available once you have joined Zigur.

The first skill allows you to summon a wyrmic onto the battlefield, capable of excellent melee support. He can heal units adjacent to him, and comes summoned with a 2 handed weapon and a random draconic alignment. Additional levels boost the level of his skills and armor, and give the wyrmic a better chance at summoning with a multi-hued alignment, giving him access to ALL the draconic skills he can spawn with at once.

The second skill allows you to command the wyrmic to Rush and enemy. He will not Rush without being commanded. Additional levels boost the skill of Rush.

The third skill gives a bonus to all allied units' healing so long as the Wyrmic is summoned in addition to boosted health regen due to healthy fungal spores. Additional levels increase the effects.

The fourth skill gives the Wyrmic a warshout that reduces the defense and attack of all enemies affected. Additional levels increase the effect.

Morale Management: Learn how to control the emotions of your troops. Skills run off of CON.

The first skill is a rally that boosts the attack of all your summoned troops. Additional levels boost the effects.

The second skill is a reprimand that cures stuns, dazes, and mental effects on summoned troops. Additional effects reduce cooldown. At level 5, this also includes magical effects.

The third skill are marching orders that boost the speed of you and all allies until you spend a turn neither moving nor using another Morale Management skill. Units will also not attack unless a foe is adjacent to them. Additional levels boost the effects.

The fourth skill is a second wind shout, giving your allies lightning skill move speed that ends if they do anything other than move.

Custom Weapon set for the class

Helm of the Lost Legion


Crafted by a master

Regalia befitting a master general. Is there a weapon to match?

Grants additional attack and defense to summoned units in addition to a notable reduction in ranged damage taken. These bonuses increase the more summoned units you have.

A helm forged long ago for a warrior king whose name is lost to history, the legend of his exploits are not. After an impossible defense of a pass with only 100 men in the face of an entire army, every soldier save the king and his guard lay dead, having stood their ground against a horde of enemy soldiers. It was then that one final volley of arrows blackened the sky and ended the lives of the company. As the enemy commander surveyed the battlefield, he claimed the helm of the slain king, and promptly sent it to the small city that sent the battalion with a single note. "Any city that can field men of such valor is not worth conquering, because the cost in manpower to rule such a city is far too dire. Let it be known he died with honor, my respect, and took my will to wage war with him."

Golden Gladius

Crafted by a master

A weapon with such pomp clearly belongs to someone with real power.

Grants the wearer additional attack the more summoned units they have out at the time. In addition, deals more damage to summoned creatures.

An old single handed sword made for a seasoned general, as the gold trim around the handle is still in exquisite condition despite the blade's age. Despite being hundreds of years old at this point, it is still as sharp as a new sword.

Set bonus: 1 skill point in Morale Management, Commander, and Phalanx Offensive and Defensive skills.

I neither have the time nor the talents to code this, so I'm posting this as an open idea to start a mod class on. If anyone's interested, all I ask is that I get some credit. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to take on this project.

Author:  notaffiliated [ Fri Oct 26, 2018 11:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New Class: Centurion: Leader of 100

Troop styles

Attacker Troop: Summons with a two-handed sword and light armor. Can Rush. Can also enter a Berzerker state at level 4 of the summon skill.

Defender Troop: Summons with a sword and shield and heavy armor. Has access to a taunt and block skills. Can use shield pummels at level 4 of the summon skill.

Archer Troop: Summons with a bow and arrow and light armor. Can shoot enemies and can poison his arrows randomly at level 4 of the summon skill.

Skirmisher Troop: Summons with a shield and sling and light armor. Gains skills through the appropriate skill tree.

Mage Troop: Summons with a staff, robes, and can cast Arcane Bolt and Arcane Restoration on himself and his allies, at 50% effectiveness. Gains other skills through the appropriate skill tree. Arcane Bolt becomes a beam at level three. At level 4, he gains a shortstaff and shield.

Anti-Mage Troop: Summons with an axe and shield and light armor. Gains skills through the appropriate skill tree.

Additional skill trees:

Advanced Tactics: Improve the use of your troops in battle. Skills run off of STR.

Skills are available at level 10 and above.

The first skill gives your summoned troops an innate passive that reduces the stats of opponents depending on the troop when they attack. These do not stack.

Attacker Troops: Reduces physical save and attack. Additional levels increase the debuff.

Defender Troop: Reduces armor and defense. Additional levels increase the debuff.

Archer Troop: Reduces global speed slightly. Additional levels extend the duration.

Skirmisher Troop: Can put random skills on cooldown. Additional levels increase the chance a skill is put on cooldown.

Mage Troop: Attacks reduce resistances to elemental damage. Additional levels increase the strength of the debuff.

Anti-Mage Troop: Attacks inflict resource burn. Additional levels boost the power of the resource burn.

Other summons will gain a random debuff from the list.

The second skill allows you to summon troops on any free space, however they spawn in with a one-turn debuff to damage and turn speed. More levels reduce the potency of this debuff.

The third skill gives your summons the ability to inflict a Flanked debuff that reduces enemy defense and resistances if they are attacked by 2 or more allies in a turn. Will only last so long as an enemy is consistently attacked. Additional levels boost the effect.

The fourth skill allows your summoned units to swap places as a free action during their turn, granting both units a buff to their armor and resistances for one turn. Additional levels boost the effect. At level 4, you can trigger this skill as well.

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