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Low Yeek

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The Psychopath is an Afflicted class whose mind has been broken as a part of his curse, transforming his fighting style into a mad revelry in death and murder. What a barbarian could accomplish with a two handed sword a Psychopath could accomplish with a simple knife, if he isn't transforming his surroundings into a dark reflection of his own mind or throwing his off hand weapon for ranged attacks.

Primary Stats: WIL and CUN

Weapon Restrictions: Wield only 1 one-handed weapon. Offhand weapon is disabled and is only used for certain skills.

Pros: Access to powerful stacking skills as melee damage is dealt. Can throw offhand weapon as a ranged attack. Gloom is special and causes various types of madness. Can throw the battlefield into complete confusion, forcing enemies to randomly target all characters in the area.

Cons: Can only use one, one-handed weapon when fighting. Stacking buffs also cause debuffs. Many skills can inflict status conditions.

Ideas for skill trees

Mad Combat: Improve your maddening combat style. Scales with CUN

The first skill replaces the wield requirements of knives and one-handed swords, axes, and maces to CUN while also counting as weapons mastery and accuracy. Additional levels count as increased weapons mastery and accuracy.

The second skill gives you a damage boost if you do not have a shield or weapon in your offhand. This boost increases as this skills level increases.

The third skill allows you to occasionally throw a punch in addition to a melee attack. This punch starts at about 75% as powerful as a Brawler's standard punch. Additional levels boost the power of the punch.

The fourth skill allows your attacks to occasionally deal extra damage, as you use both hands to strike. Additional levels boost the chance of this happening.

Aura of Madness: Your state of mind is impressed upon the minds of enemies. Scales with WIL

The first skill gives you an Aura of Madness that functions similarly to Gloom. Can inflict several debuffs applied using mindpower.

Paranoia: Reduces mindpower and mental saves.

Schizophrenia: Enemy will target the nearest ally or enemy when attacking, and can damage allies.

Amnesia: Target will act randomly. Skills will randomly go on cooldown.

Mania: Reduces defense, armor, and physical saves.

Ennui: Reduces attack power and increases cooldown time.

Additional levels allow you to pick an additional mental condition, as well as increasing the chance a mental condition triggers in the Aura.

The second skill increases the radius of this aura. Each level increases the radius by one.

The third skill give a chance of an additional ailment being applied when the Aura triggers. Additional levels increase the chance of this happening.

The fourth skill allows you to focus on a specific ailment, allowing it to trigger more often. Additionally, whenever this would trigger on a foe that is already suffering from the chosen ailment, a random other ailment is applied.

Weapon Throwing: Learn to throw your weapons for ranged attacks. Scales with CUN.

The first skill disables your offhand while allowing an offhand to be equipped, allowing the previous skills to trigger. This also allows you to throw the weapon in range 3. You will lose the weapon, however it can be picked up again and thrown again without wasting a turn to equip it. This also means throwing a weapon has no cooldown. Additional levels boost the damage of this thrown weapon. At levels 3 and 5, the range increases.

The second skill allows various weapons to have additional effects when thrown.

Swords can be affected by any melee boosting effects you have, counting as if this was a regular melee attack.

Axes can sunder defenses, reducing the armor of enemies affected.

Maces can inflict a concussion, inflicting a stun on enemies.

Daggers can impale enemies, inflicting bleed.

Mindstars can release a wave of energies, dazing enemies in a 1 radius area.

Additional levels boost the power of these debuffs.

The third skill has a percentage chance to return your thrown weapon, meaning you can throw it again immediately. Additional levels boost the odds of a weapon rebounding.

The fourth skill allows the target of a thrown weapon to give off an Aura of Madness at half radius and strength. Additional levels can increase the potency of this aura. Every other level increases the radius by one.

Revelry: Revel in combat, sending yourself into a battle trance. Scales with WIL

The first skill grants stacks of Revelry whenever you damage an enemy, increasing your attack at the expense of accuracy. Maximum capacity of 20 stacks. After not dealing damage for 3 turns, you begin losing a stack per turn. Additional levels increase this bonus per stack.

The second skill augments Revelry stacks to boost your armor at the expense of defense. The first level in this skill adds an additional 5 stacks to your Revelry capacity. Additional levels increase this bonus per stack.

The third skill augments Revelry stacks further to increase your crit rate and damage at the expense of non-critical damage. The first level in this skill adds an additional 5 stacks to your Revelry capacity. Additional levels increase this bonus per stack.

The fourth skill grants a special attack that consumes all your stacks of Revelry and replaces them with stacks of Clarity, with each stack providing an inverse bonus to your stacks of Revelry with no downside, increasing defense, attack accuracy, and non-critical damage. In addition, each consumed stack of Revelry adds to this attack's damage. This adds and additional 10 stacks to your Revelry capacity. Additional levels increase the bonuses Clarity stacks provide.

Hallucinations: Your madness is so strong, your hallucinations manifest themselves in reality. Scales with CUN.

The first skill gives you a fixed, 2 radius aura that can summon Hallucinations that taunt enemies. Gives a percentage chance whenever an enemy is in the aura to summon a Hallucination. This Hallucination cannot attack, move, or be damaged, but will taunt enemies into attacking it. Additional levels increase the chance a Hallucination is summoned.

The second skill can force a Hallucination to be summoned if an enemy is targeted. This Hallucination however can attack enemies, dealing mind damage. Additional levels increase the damage this Hallucination can deal.

The third skill can target a square to turn it into Illusory Terrain for three turns. This will obstruct the view of enemies and acts like a wall to enemies. Targeting an enemy with it will instead trap them inside, making them immune to attack, but causing them to suffocate.

The fourth skill will occasionally cause ranged attacks that target an ally in your aura for hallucinations to simply fail, instead restoring your health when this triggers. Additional levels increase the chance this happens in addition to the health regained when it does trigger.

Custom weapon set for the class.

Culling Cleaver


Crafted by a master

A sinister blade, built for a purpose.

Has a boosted crit rate and increased Hate gain. Critical hits inflict bleed. Wield requirements track with CUN instead of DEX.

This butcher's cleaver was the primary murder weapon in a series of killings in Last Hope shortly before the Spellblaze. While the original murderer was caught, his weapon was lost in the chaos during the Spellblaze. Since then, it has periodically showed up in the hands of several unhinged individuals who then proceeded to go on a rampage, and each time the weapon was found, it was stolen from the authorities who confiscated it.

Butcher's Apron


Crafted by a master

A weapon to match this apron must exist.

Despite being robes, has an armor value. 75% of defense is added to this weapon's armor value. Reduces health loss necessary to trigger Hate gain.

This butcher's apron seems caked in the blood of animals of innumerable description, and a certain malevolent force seems to emanate from it.

Set bonus, increases defense to armor rate to 100%. Rare enemies can trigger the "felled a great foe" Hate gain.

I neither have the time nor the talents to code this, so I'm posting this as an open idea to start a mod class on. If anyone's interested, all I ask is that I get some credit. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to take on this project.

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