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How to remove some Custom Tiles?
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Author:  Leom405 [ Tue Jul 24, 2018 8:42 am ]
Post subject:  How to remove some Custom Tiles?

Heya ToMErs,
A quick and far from urgent question; how can I remove (or hide) some of the supporter/custom character tiles in ToME? I have a set that I like to use, and there are SOOO many existing character tiles that are not what I want, or are 128x64 and cluttering up the selection. I know how to add my own tiles (simple) but how can I cut down on the number of other tiles that show up to make the selection process easier?

As I said, it's nothing terribly critical, but I like to tinker with setting things up and tailoring things.

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.

P. S. I know, how to add new with add-ons, but don't know, how to turning off standard Custom Tiles
And you can find sets here - \Steam\steamapps\common\TalesMajEyal\game\modules - (open with WinRAR)
There \data\gfx ts-gfx-npc1.png and ts-gfx-npc.lua
and same sets there - \data\gfx\shockbolt\player (I think they use for)

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