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[v1.3.0+] Sun Paladin Tweaks
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Author:  Zizzo [ Sun Feb 25, 2018 12:49 am ]
Post subject:  [v1.3.0+] Sun Paladin Tweaks

Having already broken my "no Sun Paladins" rule testing the latest release of Escort Rescheduling, I decided out of morbid curiosity to keep playing the character. So far it's both corroborated the aforementioned rule every time I run into a pack of luminous horrors and reminded me afresh why I stopped bothering with escorts in the first place, but I persevere. :wink: Found a few minor annoyances, though, and as is my standard practice, I'm accumulating small quality-of-life tweaks in my new Sun Paladin Tweaks addon.

So far I don't have much:
  • The status icon for Retribution now shows the remaining damage absorption capacity. I wanted to make it a fractional display like Displacement Tracking, but apparently the UI only supports that for temporary effects.

Since I'm probably not going to play many Sun Paladins after this, :wink: I'm soliciting ideas for further QoL tweaks to add here.

[edit 2018-03-01: I keep forgetting to add the Technical notes:]
  ToME:load [to modify Retribution talent]
    onTakeHit() [to update Retribution status display after taking damage]

Author:  Zizzo [ Sat Aug 01, 2020 12:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [v1.3.0+] Sun Paladin Tweaks

So, while I was working on this addon for inclusion in ZOmnibus, I discovered to my surprise that the Retribution tracking was already included in the base Retribution talent. And apparently has been since 1.6.0. :oops: :oops: On that basis, then, I'm officially deprecating this addon, until and unless I think of some other tweaks I want to make for Sun Paladins in the future. We Apologize for the Confusion.™ :wink:

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