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PostPosted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:45 pm 

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So Starkeeps Reworked Higher Racials mod is great fun to play but breaks any class with a Psi pool (even if not using the Higherr race) while having embers of rage active. While EoR is disabled Psi classes play normaly as far as I can tell. While both are active Psi is always at 100%. This makes these characters rather unfun to play. As an aside i've not been able to contact Starkeep about this since this is a new account.

I suspect the problem is in this Superloading section at line 409 of the mod which came under this heading "-- Superloading every incResource function for Gift of the Highborn."

if _M.incSteam then
   local old_incSteam = _M.incSteam
   function _M:incPsi(resource)
      local eff = self:hasEffect(self.EFF_SK_HIGHBORN_GIFT)
      if eff and resource < 0 then
         self.tempeffect_def[self.EFF_SK_HIGHBORN_GIFT].doHeal(self, eff, resource, "Steam")
      return old_incSteam(self, resource)

I've zero experience modding ToME so I tried the obvious and changed function _M:incPsi(resource) into function _M:incSteam(resource)

This didn't work since it hid the addon from the addon list in the main menu. Commenting out this section and straight up deleting it had the same result. This kinda suprised me since I expected removing the code to have the same effect as returning false.

So my question is basiclly how could I fix this so Psi gets expended? Thanks.

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