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 Post subject: Class Idea: Bladebound
PostPosted: Sat Sep 30, 2017 6:08 pm 

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Hi, I'm new to the forums but not ToME itself. I've been playing a lot of various classes though admittedly with level addons because I'm pretty scrubby at the game itself. Still, I now have a persistent class idea in my head that refuses to go away. Alas, I have no coding skills to speak of so I'm forced to just put my idea up here and see if anyone is interested in it.

The Bladebound

[quote=Synopsis] Melee weapon users with a combo system similar to Brawlers. They also have a single weapon that is bound to them for their entire lives. (Undroppable, Cannot be Transmogrified, Quest Item?) The weapon grows with character level and/or talent.

The weapon is capable of morphing to different types according to what skills they use.

Main Stats: Willpower, Strength/Dexterity/Constitution[/quote]

"Nobody knows when it started, but some children of all races on Eyal began to be born with a single common oddity that marks them from the rest - a birthmark on the palm of their dominant hand. During infancy the marks remained just that: odd birthmarks and nothing more.

However, as they grew, they all began to speak of a voice in their heads.

Understandably, this caused them to be alienated and in certain Zigur-aligned settlements, imprisoned or 'disappeared' as children tainted by magic. The ones that made it into adulthood would one day experience excruciating pain from their birthmark. That is the moment when a short bone-like rod grows out and drops away from the mark, which then expands into a complex tattoo-like array that covers the forearms up to the elbow. When the user picks up the rod, a weapon formed of pure energy sprouts from it and a joyous cry resounds in their mind.

Epiphany dawns - the weapon is the Voice...their unseen sibling that was born with them, grows with them and now fights with them."

The Bladebound has unique talent trees and a combo-point system renamed as 'Resonance'

Standard Talents
Technique/Combat Techniques

Technique/Combat Training

Unique Talents

Note that all Weapon Trees are the 'Finisher Techniques' equivalent. All first skills of each weapon tree costs no Resonance, only stamina as they serve as weapon morph triggers. Learning the first skill of each weapon tree also provides a sustain that boosts the weapon of each type (similar to Spellsword). Only one sustain of each type can be active at a single time.

Technique/Blade Song(WIL)
Low damage, low cooldown skills that build Resonance and some provide passive benefits.
-1st skill is similar to rush, only with shorter range and a corresponding short cooldown. Grants 2 Resonance on successful attack. Passive increases movement speed, level 5 increases attack speed as well.
-2nd skill sets up a parry. Successful parry counterattacks the attacker and grants 1 Resonance. Skill level increases the number of attacks that can be parried, level 3 allows ranged attacks to be parried as well. Passive will heal a small amount whenever an attack is parried by a % of the damage parried.
-3rd skill is a double attack. Grants 1 Resonance per successful hit. At level 3, a third attack is added. Passive increases crit chance.
-4th skill is a passive that grants Resonance with every Standard Attack. At level 3, attacks also have a chance of decreasing Blade Song cooldowns.

Resonance/ Grace Note(STR)
Theme: Overcharge
The Two-handed weapon skill tree. High damage active skills. All skills require only 1 Resonance to use except for the 4th skill, but expends all stored Resonance. Each extra point boosts and/or adds more effects.
- 1st skill (Gale Arc) is a sword beam that dazes and pierces through all targets at level 5. Bonus Stance grants an additional STR modifier to weapon damage and increases crit damage.
- 2nd skill (Wrath Hew) strikes enemies in a cone up to a radius and decrease attack speed. Resonance points add range and damage +% per talent level.
- 3rd skill (Blast Shroud) is a sustain that grants a chance for the user's attacks to trigger a blast dealing %weapon damage. Enemies hit by the blast are stunned for 2 turns. Deactivating this skill triggers an immediate weapon attack and blast on an adjacent enemy with an additional 1 radius, +% damage and knockback. Activating this skill is instant but deactivation requires a turn.
-4th skill (Light of Victory) is a FSN Excalibur-like Ultimate that costs 5 Resonance and hits a line of enemies. Level 3 increases the area of effect to 3 lines. (Your descending blade explodes into a pillar of blinding light! Your foes- and everything around them - disintegrate!)

Resonance/ Duet(DEX)
Theme: Rain of Blades
The Dual weapons tree. High mobility, multi-hit DPT. Each skill has High Resonance cost except for the 4th skill.
- 1st skill (Whirling Rondo) moves character in a short line and attacks every enemy nearby once. It also passively increases offhand weapon damage. At level 3, the user can move through enemies but must still end in an open space. Passively increases offhand damage. Bonus Stance increases max Resonance cap and adds a DEX modifier to both weapons.
-2nd skill (Dance Partners) is a passive that causes all foes hit by Whirling Rondo to be marked and be slowed. at level 3, it also reduces the cooldown for Rondo.
-3rd skill (Crosscut) is an attack with the mainhand weapon that is followed by a hit from the offhand weapon. If it hits a marked enemy, the user strikes again with both weapons.
-4th skill (Finale) costs only 1 Resonance but expends all stored Resonance and attacks 3/4 times + 1 per Resonance stack. The end of the flurry causes bonus damage that is boosted by each successful hit on an enemy. (You briefly turn into a blurring storm of blades. Your target stands for a single frozen instant before collapsing into a pile of bloody pieces...)

Resonance/ Fortress Bass(CON)
Theme: Reflection
Shield tree. Tanky counterattack tree.
-1st Skill sets up a defensive stance for a few turns that can cause Parry to Counterattack multiple times each time. It also increases block chance. Bonus Stance causes blocked attacks to generate Resonance and adds a CON modifier to shield bash damage. Your mainhand weapon is converted to a flat 90% CON modifier damage.
-2nd Skill (Humble The Proud) targets an adjacent enemy with a shieldbash that knocks the target prone and removes beneficial effects from them. This also gives the user some breathing room that allows them to regain some stamina. At level 3, this extends to a radius around the user.
-3rd skill targets an enemy. For a number of turns, a % of damage blocked will be redirected to this target. Effect will end once the duration ends or the target dies. Passively, this skill grants a life regen bonus for each blocked attack.
-4th skill roots you and causes all attacks that hit you to be reflected back with an additional +% damage for 2 turns. At the end, your bubble shield explodes and knocks all nearby enemies back while also stunning them.

Resonance/ Sentient Weapon(WIL)
Ranged Damage, some crowd control. Fun things like shooting your weapon (and it returning on its own)
-1st skill shoots weapon and pins struck targets to the ground. Two-handed weapons sunder armor, dual weapons cause the player to teleport next to the first target struck and shields bounce additional times.
-2nd skill strikes one target and heals the user for base and regenerates hp for %damage of successful attack over 5 turns. Missing the target or Targeting yourself heals only for base healing.
-3rd skill is an autocrit with +%Critmod that also causes a random debuff(bleeding/stunned/pinned/silenced).
-4th skill, the user holds up her weapon and it emits a earsplitting screech that confuses enemies in a radius. It also causes a small bleed effect. at level 3, it adds a silence effect.

Resonance/ Dirge(WIL)
DoTs and Debuffs
-1st skill (Discordant Hum) is a sustain that causes foes in a radius to be damaged each turn. At level 3, they are also severely demoralized and gain a penalty to damage and accuracy.
-2nd skill is a passive that adds a defense penalty to Discordant Hum and a chance that attacks targeting you to be reckless and hit nearby spaces instead.
-3rd skill targets an enemy with a horrifying stare that promises imminent death. The target is disarmed and stunned as his weapons drop from numb fingers. At level 3, the skill targets an area. Only works on foes suffering from Discordant Hum.
-4th skill, you point and mark a target for death. This increases the damage the target suffers from Discordant Hum by %. If the target dies from Discordant Hum's damage, all enemies in a radius around the killed target are stunned and suffer %mind damage from sheer terror.

Resonance/ Hymn of War(WIL) - One skill that allows cross-weapons skill usage with penalties. (Locked)
-1st skill is a sustain that grants Resonance and an increase in health regen when an enemy in range dies. Can stack multiple times. The duration of this buff extends by 1 turn (to a max of 3) whenever a Resonance point is spent while the buff is active.
-2nd skill is an activated buff that removes weapon restrictions for all weapon skills for a number of turns. However, stamina and Resonance costs still apply and the effect is diminished by at most 50% (penalty can be minimized by talent level. At level 5, there is a slight bonus instead.) This buff is removed by use of any activated weapon skill. Sustains and passives cannot be selected with this skill.
-3rd skill sets down a glowing field of energy that has different effects based on what stance you were in when you first used this skill.

>Two-handed stance will cause the field to erupt into giant copies of your blade that impale any enemy standing in it when you use a skill while standing in it, using up the field in the process.
>Dual Weapon stance will give you bonus Pinning resistance while on the field as well as increase global speed by % while you are on the field.
>Shield Stance will cause a % of damage you take to be inflicted on every enemy in the field. It also allows you a chance to steal beneficial effects you cancel with Humble the Proud.

-4th skill

Generic Talents

Unique passives
Bondblade (Cannot be levelled)
This weapon was born from you, its soul formed next to yours in the womb.
-Passively, it increases disarm resistance by 200% and grants the Resonance resource to the player. Resonance always caps out at 5 unless under the Dual Weapons stance. When you activate this skill you open up a menu that will access your inventory. Using this menu, you can consume weapons & shields like transmorgrification to store their damage, bonus effects and egos in a pool to be used by the skill Harmonize weapon. Higher Base Damage will override lower, but cannot be modified otherwise.

Resonance/Living Weapon(WIL)

-1st skill (Harmonize Weapon) brings up a menu in which they can customize their Bondblade. Based on the current level of this talent, your weapon is T( ), can add ( ) bonus effects, allowed/unallowed to add Ego and can/cannot add a skill. Passively, Harmonize Weapon changes your weapon modifier and stat requirements to Willpower. Finally, you gain Psi with successful attacks, ( ) per attack.
-2nd skill (Twin Tuning) grants you Psi whenever you gain a point of Resonance, ( ) per point.
-3rd skill (Soul Bond) is a passive that grants % resist all that scales with the Tier of your weapon and talent level. You also gain a % bonus resist against the element and type of damage your weapon possesses. (fire, arcane, etc.)
-4th skill (Symbiote) is an active skill that converts all your current Resonance points to healing, ( ) per point. at 3rd level, you also remove detrimental effects.

Resonance/ Linked Souls(WIL) (Locked)
Sustains that improve weapons stats and a Negative Life Threshold skill. (Locked)
-1st skill, Some of your strengths enhance your Bondweapon when you use Harmonize Weapon. WIL adds a damage bonus, DEX adds attack speed, STR adds apr, CON adds %resist all

-extra Generic Talent trees when I can think of some

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