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Improved Starting Inscriptions
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Author:  Dienes [ Sat Sep 09, 2017 10:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Improved Starting Inscriptions

By request Improved Starting Inscriptions fills the Last Hope, Irkkk, and Kruk Pride (if you have EoR) infusion and rune stores high quality ego'd inscriptions. This is really intended for insane or madness since having to make due with crummy inscriptions at the start is brutal and players will often scum for good ones. They aren't perfect spawns but they are pretty good.

This adds regeneration, movement, heroism, and phys/mental wild infusions with each stat ego to the infusion stores and shielding runes with each stat ego to the rune stores. The values are random but pushed toward the upper end of what you could normally get. For example regeneration are about 275-325. Cooldowns are the low end of what they would normally be.

Some code adapted from Zizzo's nur kit.

Technical details:
Superloads /mod/class/zone.lua:finishEntity() to ensure when forcing an ego by name that level:getEntitiesList() will have the specified ego(s) defined. It should clean up after itself.
Hooks class:bindHook('Entity:loadList', function(self, data) to insert the inscriptions into the infusion or rune stores' fixed table.

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