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Continuous Challenge Carnival - always challenge ID
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Author:  Frumple [ Fri Aug 11, 2017 12:31 am ]
Post subject:  Continuous Challenge Carnival - always challenge ID

Thread title actually more or less covers it. Didn't look like anyone had bothered to do it yet, so here we are. Really small change (it's all of one line different from the base game), that probably could use less code lines but I'm real bad at this stuff so eh. Makes it so the chance of generating a challenge quest in the ID when making a new level is 100%, straight from the start.

Dunno if/when I'll get around to actually sticking it in the addon junk on the webpage (and if anyone wants to preempt that and do it themselves, they're more than welcome 'cause I'd totally love to just not deal with the effort involved) but I figured might as well stick it somewhere in case someone else wanted to play with it.

So yeah! Attachment is standard forum attachment stuff, stick in addon folder, rename from .zip to .teaa, and there you go. Seems to be working, not entirely sure what would screw with it considering how much it is(n't) changing, but just in case standard disclaimer there may be incompatibilities with other mods, or whatever. Anyone checks it and sees something obviously off, they're more than welcome to code something that fixes it and claim any and all credit.

... also I probably couldn't fix it if it's a particularly involved issue, soooo... if there's problems, good luck!

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