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 Post subject: Tougher Aeryn
PostPosted: Tue Jun 20, 2017 3:18 am 

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I've heard that Aeryn dies almost all the time on higher difficulty levels. And this makes sense to me, because she only survived on 8% health (and was a breath away of getting fried by fire wyrms) when I killed the second boss as Stoude the Dwarf Brawler on Normal Roguelike. So, after getting the idea from the Tough Melinda addon, I want to make an addon for Tougher Aeryn, that makes her able to survive with or without closing the portals (yet without her being able to do all the work) and still requiring the player to be economical in taking down the bosses.

One question before we get to that though: does the Aeryn in Gates of Morning have different stats abilities to the one where she is an ally at the end of the game? If so, she could maybe be balanced differently if you are going after the Kill All Wizards achievement. Also as part of this addon I want her to not appear in Gates of Morning if you stopped the orcs on Charred Scar yet she died in the battle at the end of the game (without getting sacrificed to close the portal because it didn't open). Let me know if this is feasible.

Okay, so I'd like some suggestions for Aeryn at the end of the game on different difficulty levels. I believe she should be able to survive on any difficulty level, but only if you play well (of course some race/class combinations will be better at helping her survive than others).

Difficulty Level: Normal (if that needs changing)/Nightmare/Insane/Madness
HP/Extra Life? (Just throwing this in here, it probably doesn't make much sense to have an extra life for her, but it would affect the other abilities if that did happen)
Armor/Armor Hardiness/Armor Penetration (although this probably doesn't make as much difference since most of the attacks will be spells, but some of the portal enemies will use this)
Resist of various elements, Resist All
Attack bonuses and element penetration for different types of damage
Relevant talents

If there's anything I've missed, you can mention it too.

So guys, what are your suggestions? You can mention relative to Normal difficulty instead of exact numbers for HP/everything else too, since Normal difficulty is the baseline we are using (although that too could be changed if people think it should).

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