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Low Yeek

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Hello! This class in progress is called 'Possessed'. It is one of the afflicted classes, and is powered primarily by hate. You manifest your hatred into a physical form, a nightmare! It runs about he battlefield, wreaking havoc, as you stick to the shadows, skulking around and waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike!

I am attempted to merge the Alchemist, Rogue and Doomed classes into one cohesive beast. I'm still in very early development, and I posted this primarily to let a friend test stuff and to get some feedback, and possibly some help.

Everything here is subject to a lot of changes. Everything described below is almost entire conceptual, so don't worry about play tests yet. Consider this version. 0.0.1

Class: Possessed

Resources: Hate, Stamina.

Primary stats: Willpower, Cunning.
Secondary: Dexterity, Constitution.

Starting Equipment: Leather Armour, Dagger and Shield.

Class Talents: Lethality, Stealth, Darkness, Shadows, Dirty Fighting, Nightmare Control(New)

Unlockable: Combat Veteran, Advanced Nightmare Control(New), One with Shadows

Generic Talents: Combat Training, Acrobatics, Cursed Form, Cursed Aura, Dark Sustenance.

Unlockable: Survival

New Talent Category: Cursed: Nightmare Control

Renew Nightmare: Similar to Refit Golem, comes passively with this class. Costs 5 hate and heals the nightmare for considerable amount based on talent rank, Nightmare total Hp, and character Willpower. Ranks will increase with ranks in Power of the Nightmare. At rank 5, will no longer take a turn if just healing. If nightmare is dead, remanifests it after 10 turns of channelling.

Tier 1: Power of the Nightmare: Exactly the same as Golem Power.

Tier 2: Unending Nightmare: Places points into Armour Training and Thick Skin for Nightmare. Also grants 1-5% Hp regeneration to nightmare.

Tier 3: Call upon the Nightmare: Same as Invoke Golem, except nightmare receives a Willpower boost in addition to the physical power.

Tier 4: Nightmare Supreme: Focus considerable hatred on the nightmare itself to increase its power. For a chunk of hate initially, and 1 or 2 hate per turn, Nightmare receives additional all resist, damage increase, Willpower boost, and additional %hp regeneration.

Advanced Nightmare Control:

Tier 1: Nightmare Resonance: Both you and your nightmare emit a horrible screeching cry in a medium radius. Creatures caught in either radius take medium mind damage, while those caught in both are confused for short duration.

Tier 2: Bloody Terror: The nightmare is so vicious and terrifying that it sprays gore and carnage from every kill at nearby enemies. After every kill the nightmare makes all enemies in a small radius take a small amount of physical damage and be stunned. At rank 5, Nightmare also gains a short bonus to movement speed after each kill.

Tier 3: Shadow Beast: Character and Nightmare gain the ability to see through magical darkness and moderate darkness resistance. Nightmare also gains some additional darkness damage.

Tier 4: Even Death Fears It: Nightmare becomes increasingly unkillable, only able to die at negative Hp(similar to necromancer). Additionally, after every kill, the nightmare gains a small amount of Hp and a short heal over time. At Rank 5, if the nightmare does die, it releases a built up wave of hatred over all foes in a large radius, dealing a medium amount of mind damage, and having a chance to stunned , blinded , confused, and put to sleep.

Special New Talent Category: Nightmare Itself

This is a talent category only available to the nightmare itself.

Tier 1: Terrify: Deal medium amount of mind damage to single target and confuse it.

Tier 2: Nightmarish charge: The nightmare charges towards a foe dealing moderate weapon damage and attempting to stun the target. If it succeeds, the nightmare continues its brutal assault dealing another three swift and strong blows to the target.

Tier 3: Shadow Puppet: The nightmare takes control of non epic/unique creatures shadow, forcing it to fight for the monster for an decent duration. once finished with him, the nightmare devours the creatures shadow, killing it instantly and healing the nightmare for a moderate heal. At rank 5, the devouring of the shadow is so violent, the creature explodes in a blast of gore dealing moderate physical damage to a small radius.

Tier 4: Nightmares in All of Us: The nightmare sacrifices a sizable portion of it's current HP. In so doing, it hurls it's essence into the very souls of those present, and their own personal nightmares burst forth to devour them! For every creature in a small radius, another nightmare is spawned. Each 'copy' of the nightmare has half the max HP of the nightmare, no resistances or talents and last for a moderate duration. When each clone expires or is slain, the original nightmare devours their essence once more, healing for a percentage of its max hp plus a flat amount.

These talents are basically still on the drawing board, so I was hoping to get some feedback on them.

Main Strategy: Survive while your Nightmare kills everyone and everything for you. Using additional shadows as further distractions, the idea is that the nightmare mows through most enemies, with you personally swooping in to back stab the stronger monsters. The nightmare also gains more talent and attribute points than the golem, and has a wider variety of skills to choose from, utilizing it's own personal pool of hatred. As it is also technically a living creature, it can use infusions, but is susceptible to more than the golem. It still doesn't need to breath though.

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