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PostPosted: Sat May 26, 2018 2:20 am 
Sher'Tul Godslayer

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So I was reading a… *ahem* spirited discussion of the game, and it happened that some of the commenter's complaints were neatly solved by some of my own addons, :mrgreen: which inspired me to think I ought to write an addon for another of the commenter's complaints:
NomiFromDCSS wrote:
No vikeys unless you manually map them and move all those shortcuts around.

I, of course, did that manual remapping myself lo these many years ago, but I can see the use of an addon that makes that process easier for new players.

Now, I'm pretty sure I've worked out how to do the actual modifications to the keybindings from an addon; there are a couple points, though, on which I'm seeking advice:

  • What's the right UI interface? At first I was thinking of a toggle button added to the keybindings dialog, but a game option might be less complicated. Either way, it would be the change from "off" to "on" or vice versa that would trigger the keybind modifications.
  • It's been so long that I no longer remember what the original keybindings for the movement keys were, or what other keybindings I had to change because they collided with the roguelike keys. :oops:

"Blessed are the yeeks, for they shall inherit Arda..."

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PostPosted: Sun May 27, 2018 2:22 am 
Sher'Tul Godslayer

Joined: Thu Jan 23, 2003 8:13 pm
Posts: 1701
Location: A shallow water area south of Bree
Okay, after grubbing around in all the keybinding-related data files, I think I've tracked down all the keys I need to change, so as promised, I present my new Roguelike Keybindings addon. I ultimately decided to go with a game option ("UI | Roguelike keybindings", unsurprisingly), as a button on the keybinding dialog would be too complex.

[Now, as noted in the option description, the actual "installed" vs. "uninstalled" state isn't really relevant; it's the act of actually changing the setting from "uninstalled" to "installed" that installes the new keybindings. We Apologize for the Inconvenience.™]

For reference, here's all the keybindings we touch:
  • Move left: h (RL) vs. Keypad4 (dflt)
  • Move right: l (RL) vs. Keypad6 (dflt)
  • Move up: k (RL) vs. Keypad8 (dflt)
  • Move down: j (RL) vs. Keypad2 (dflt)
  • Move diagonally left and up: y (RL) vs. Keypad7 (dflt)
  • Move diagonally right and up: u (RL) vs. Keypad9 (dflt)
  • Move diagonally left and down: b (RL) vs. Keypad1 (dflt)
  • Move diagonally right and down: n (RL) vs. Keypad3 (dflt)
  • Stay for a turn: Comma (RL) vs. Keypad5 (dflt)
  • Run left: Shift-h (RL) vs. Shift-Keypad4 (dflt)
  • Run right: Shift-l (RL) vs. Shift-Keypad6 (dflt)
  • Run up: Shift-k (RL) vs. Shift-Keypad8 (dflt)
  • Run down: Shift-j (RL) vs. Shift-Keypad2 (dflt)
  • Run diagonally left and up: Shift-y (RL) vs. Shift-Keypad7 (dflt)
  • Run diagonally right and up: Shift-u (RL) vs. Shift-Keypad9 (dflt)
  • Run diagonally left and down: Shift-b (RL) vs. Shift-Keypad1 (dflt)
  • Run diagonally right and down: Shift-n (RL) vs. Shift-Keypad3 (dflt)
  • Attack left: Ctrl-H (RL) vs. Ctrl-Keypad4 (dflt)
  • Attack right: Ctrl-L (RL) vs. Ctrl-Keypad6 (dflt)
  • Attack up: Ctrl-K (RL) vs. Ctrl-Keypad8 (dflt)
  • Attack down: Ctrl-J (RL) vs. Ctrl-Keypad2 (dflt)
  • Attack diagonally left and up: Ctrl-Y (RL) vs. Ctrl-Keypad7 (dflt)
  • Attack diagonally right and up: Ctrl-U (RL) vs. Ctrl-Keypad9 (dflt)
  • Attack diagonally left and down: Ctrl-B (RL) vs. Ctrl-Keypad1 (dflt)
  • Attack diagonally right and down: Ctrl-N (RL) vs. Ctrl-Keypad3 (dflt)
  • Show message log: Ctrl-M (RL) vs. h (dflt)
  • Show quests: Ctrl-Q (RL) vs. j (dflt)
  • Look around: x (RL) vs. l (dflt)
  • Use items: a (RL) vs. u (dflt)
  • Toggle movement mode: Shift-V (RL) vs. Shift-B (dflt)
  • Show Lua console: Alt-L (RL) vs. Ctrl-L (dflt)
  • Lock tooltip in place: Alt-Shift-L (RL) vs. Shift-L (dflt)
  • Lock tooltip in place while comparing items: Alt-Ctrl-Shift-L (RL) vs. Ctrl-Shift-L (dflt)

[Technical notes:]
  GameOptions:generateList [to add our game option]

"Blessed are the yeeks, for they shall inherit Arda..."

PostPosted: Thu Feb 21, 2019 6:53 pm 
Sher'Tul Godslayer

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This mod saved me.

The new braindead auto-swap Temporal Warden was unplayable without a numpad, until I found this mod.

On behalf of all laptop players out there: thank you.

Check out my addons: Nullpack (classes), Null Tweaks (items & talents), and New Gems fork.

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