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 Post subject: Tweaked Arcane Aether
PostPosted: Sun Mar 26, 2017 8:33 am 

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description = "Takes 0players fix for arcane permation (66 percent arcane 34 other resistance)(tweak disabled atm til toggleable and nonsuperloading), includes altered version of expermental hate as optional tweak, tweaks disruption shield to be useable at 33 percent, nerfs the damage cap to 1.75 instead of 2.00, lowers cooldown by 5 to 25, made phase door rune work in controlled phased door areas as intended, tweaked nulls crystal races, and overloads golmancy tree to fix golems to be changed to work with steamtech (golems don't need to pay gold for steamtech unlock and overloaded golemancy to enable steamtech and taints))".
current list of options are:
Alternative expermental hate:slightly altered with premission to use given): while hate is under 50% (this part is added yet due to errors their are any hostile foe is in site hate will naturally rise to 50% mark)

disruption_shield_tweak:Tweak disruption shield to be be able to active at 33 percent, reduce its damage cap to 170 percent of your max mana before sustains, and reduce its cooldown by 5 to 25.

tweak_phase_door_rune:Tweak phase door rune to function similar to a controlled phase door rune when in the abased expanse or any other teleport controlled area.

allow_steamtech_golem_edits:Adds a check at the orcs steamtech trainer if a alchemist's golem is speaking to it to remove gold cost as a workaround to allow steam tech golems since golems can't hold gold.

allow_steam_tech_newgems:Swaps the old method of infusion checking in new gems to the new method of checking if allowed to use infusions in nullnewgems (to allow steamtech)

revert_inferno_pettiness_hedgeknight_change:Revert Inferno pettyness hedgeknight boss toggle note requires at least hedge knight to work but will only load the tweak if certain skill tree from hedgeknight can be found.

dark_fae_fix:This tweak makes a slight edit to make it similar to changes that forgory of haze has in an attempt to fix the constant errors.

necromancyplus_tweaks:This makes tweaks to necromancy+ if you have this mod enabled: current tweaks: makes justice tree's peacemakers to effect all summons (for wild_summons if dual classed or necromancer summons)

Note this is a addon I made for my use but anyone is welcome to use (I attempt to allow the stuff to be as optional and functional as I can make it (I'm not very good at coding but I try to fix stuff) Note any issues before giving a bad rating to this addon since I want people to be able to use this.

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