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PostPosted: Mon Mar 30, 2015 12:30 am 

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4-armed variants
At character creation: Check box to 4-arm any race.

Armor must be custom made. Must use a found set of armor in making a similar 4-armed set, but have a chance to damage or ruin it.
Time it takes to have this done, at least a day, maybe more based on tier of item.
Encumbrance and fatigue of 4-armed armor will be maybe 10% more than the 2-armed version, rounded up, at least 1.
Increases the cost of the armor.
Also, 4-arms could cause any single opponent, unless a higher level elite, rare, boss, to keep distance and attack at range, only attacking in melee when accompanied by a flanker.

To get the armor, there could be an option at certain shops to do this, and the item would be left there for a day or so. Actually, the shops could say, “There is a blacksmith at such and such who knows how to make 4-armod armor.” And then the player has to go there and pay either gold or a certain amount of armors that could be resold. The only problem with the cost is that the game gives very little gold compared to prices. So maybe, “Bring me 10 sets of armor of equal or greater quality than the armor you want made,” or some such quest could be enough for a trade.

Well I just put this here if anyone really likes the idea, but it comes with a lot of baggage with doing it.


Well, if you really want more weapon slots, ha, here I’ll give you this idea!

Psionics/Thought-Forms: Deity Arms

Beyond the Flesh (active)
5 talents in Thought-Forms
Extra Category Point used to Improve Thought-Forms.

When sustained, this alters the application of Telekinetic Grasp and Beyond the Flesh, which is the telekinetic wielding of one weapon, into a summoned thought form attached to the user (range 1) that manifests as extra ethereal arms or prehensile tentacles made of mental energy coming from the user, each wielding a weapon from the character’s inventory.

The other thought forms can’t be used when this is in use. This is the thought form, just super-imposed upon the user.

For each talent point spent, one additional arm or prehensile tentacle is formed. Thus, the original Beyond the Flesh first splits into 2 extra weapon slots, and then one more per talent up to the max of 6, at 5 talents points.

The player can assign weapons to the ability by clicking on the talent, and it brings up your inventory.

So, at the cost of 1 category point and 5 talent points, and attaining high enough level to manage its upkeep, the character’s Beyond the Flesh eventually splits to wield 6 weapons.

Somehow, Thought-Forms, Telekinetic Grasp, and Beyond the Flesh all have no cost to sustain, are passive, 0 psi cost…. I’d think they would need to use mental energy…. So, I was going to say this Deity Arms Talent could multiply the sustain cost by the number of arms but then I saw there is no cost, so, ok? 10 psi per arm? Or passive at 0? If it follows the others it is based on, it should be passive, but to make it a little more costly, I think it can be a sustainable with 10 per arm.

Unless the character has Stalk active, if there are multiple enemies in range, I’d say have it attack randomly as if by opportunity in battle but at least one on the enemy the character is attacking.

The effect of all these weapons should effect enemies into fighting defensively or at range. It would be suicidal for them to get close unless they had 1 flanker per set of arms the character has.

Also, I could see a talent that increases its attack speed, and a talent to make the weapons invisible, psionically hide them (this would be a telepathic deception or light bending ability), which would give them a bonus to hit and crit and not keep enemies at distance unless they could detect them, and a talent to increase their strike range from melee to 2 around the character.

So this would be a 4-talent tree acquired by meeting the requirements for Deity Arms.

So with this you can get multiple arms without the annoying armor-fitting issue!

PostPosted: Sat Apr 04, 2015 6:00 pm 

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Perhaps the sustain could have a psi cost on-hit like when you have the mindslayer auras active?
That would solve the "get all this for free" problem.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 04, 2015 7:21 pm 

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So... Mindslayers don't have thought forms and solipsist doesn't have beyond the flesh. What's the plan?

A little bit of a starters guide written by yours truly here.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 04, 2015 9:52 pm 

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1. Adventurer? (oh, I use this for psi now....)

2. Or a full-psi class that has access to talents of both classes but still has to choose where to put the points?

3. It would actually be a full thought form, not even need Beyond the Flesh... but I suppose each class could get their version of it, so there could be a Beyond the Flesh talent slot that 5 points and the extra cat pt could be put into, make a similar thing, and if adventurer then getting one would make getting the other kinda merge with it, maybe buff it some but not add more slots, yeah.

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