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 Post subject: Re: Midnight (v1.13)
PostPosted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 11:47 am 

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Further notes:

Orbit does unkind things to the Sandworm Queen. A minion-reliant boss in tight quarters is ripe for adjacency shenanigans. Attaching Orbit to one of the friendly digging sandworms was also really helpful for breaching into rooms. It also seems like it'd have some hilarious interactions with on-hit effects.

It's interesting to me that the Starslinger uses a one-handed weapon and has nothing in particular to do with the off-hand. You can grab shield training and carry a shield (Str for physpower helps with some of the attacks anyway), get a lucky ritual knife to boost Dark or Light damage, or put a Wardstone in the off-hand. Truth be told this is the first time I've comfortably found a use for a wardstone.

The negative energy scaling on Disciple of Dusk seems... poor. One point gives 1.0 per kill, then another point gives... 1.2? I understand that there's another benefit, but the burst-on-crit doesn't seem terribly strong either, the bursts are only looking at 17 damage with two points in and 34 Spellpower (44 current Magic, level 21, for reference). Restful Night and, situationally, Nocturnal Raid seem like the stars of Celestial / Night really.


Nothing significant beyond the previous report. The Orbit status effect uses the default no-picture picture (the question mark with the curve around it), but that's it.

Have used all of Shooting Stars, the first three of Deep Space, all of Night, and the first of Sigils. Plus a bunch of base game talents, of course.

 Post subject: Re: Midnight (v1.13)
PostPosted: Sun Feb 16, 2020 2:32 am 
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smithfield wrote:
The particle effects from Shadow Blast remain after casting and effect is complete.

Can't replicate.

The Midnight Talent Tweaks setting no longer locks Star Fury for Anorithil. Too many other good categories to unlock.
Warped Space now works.
Reduced the Energy generation from Wax and Wane, as apparently I'm the only person who likes interesting resource mechanics.
Rebalanced Disciple of Dusk.
Corrected Orbit Status Effect icon.
Tried to fix the Midnight and Gates of Morning shops, but I'm not sure what is going on here.

Drat, forgot to change the XP penalties.

My feedback meter decays into coding. Give me feedback and I make mods.

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