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 Post subject: Re: Revamped Wyrmic
PostPosted: Sat Sep 22, 2018 3:48 am 

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Recaiden wrote:
I think they need more advanced tree options. They technically have 4, but you will take at most 1 weapon style, and Prismatic is near-mandatory. I'd like for them to have an option that competes with Prismatic, where you only pick a single element and use it all game.

+1 to this.

I feel the Aspects feel a lot more distinct than before. I guess that has to do with untying the aspects against particular talents, so two different aspects become truly different at all times rather than only when using a particular talent. But nonetheless since the passives / sustains would always apply no matter which primary aspect I am in, there is no reason for me to choose a weaker aspect (damage/reliability wise) as my primary aspect unless an ememy is more vulnerable to that damage type.

Taking Storm/Venom wyrmic as an example, the average damage of Storm aspect is not far off, with no chance to be shrugged off and also not applied over a few turns. So naturally I would choose Storm as the primary aspect and just turn the Venom sustain on. This applies to all combinations and convinces me the need to have a Focus tree so that you could be motivated to take some of the weaker aspects like Acid as the primary one.

Btw, Excruciate is one of the talents that I liked in the previous version, it pairs very well with the poison damage you deal and do involve some decision making, it could be made into the Focus Tree.

Recaiden wrote:
I have some interest in adding BlinkWyrm and Spire Dragon talents; as they're weird dragon types already in game that a wyrmic doesn't represent.

I have this Idea for a Blink Wyrm Aspect that enables you to alter space to enhance your physical attacks
- TL1: Your routine bump attack has an extra +1 range
- TL2: Devour becomes a beam attack
- TL4: Claw becomes a ball shaped attack
- TL5: Overwhelm becomes a projectile
- The damage is spread out over 3 turns doing 50%, 30% and 20% each in temporal damage

Recaiden wrote:
Apex Predator 1 and 4 are bland and don't really have any decision-making.
Draconic Body 3 is bland.

Let me just throw some idea around, see if they are useful?

- Draconic Body 3 would also transfer the also let it transfer the debuff to a target by the reduced duration
- Apex Predator:
-- You learn how to place zone objects like antimagic bush, fell aura, etc. to your advantage in hunting lessor creatures. Duration scales with talent level
-- Apply a “Hunted” status to an enemy, hunted enemies will have their saves reduced, and you will always know their position
-- I actually think Confounding Roar could be left out as Wyrmic already has so many ways to apply status effects

Recaiden wrote:
Walls always look like ice cubes.

I think it is ok to keep it as Ice Wall as it brings some variety. Sometimes I want to see enemies frozen, both from strategic perspective and that always inflicting a single status effect gets boring after a while

And some comments to individual talents:
- Elemental Crash’s damage scales pretty bad, and the long cooldown does not seem to be justified
- Draconic Strikes: You would not want to use this. When you are low on life often the only sensible thing to do is to escape to take regen infusion, rather than to continue any offensives
- Prismatic Blood: I recommend this to be changed to limit the total number of points you could invest into the Draconic Aspects, starting with 6 points at TL1. Even if you want to concentrate on a single aspect it is necessary to invest in a backup aspect

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