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Every now again, a Temporal Warden or Paradox Mage looking to push the boundaries of their power manages to mess with time and space to the point where they unceremoniously cause themselves to cease to exist. Occasionally, this... fails... for lack of a better term. They then live the rest of their lives hopping from timeline to timeline, forever fated to break the rules of wherever they go. The most powerful of these living anomalies have a knack for controlling just how they break the world around them, and some have even been known to peer into the rules of the universe itself to alter how they work.

Pros: Constantly out of phase (As if you were in the Temporal Rift). Extremely high natural paradox. High levels of anomaly control and modification. Many teleportation abilities. Anomalies generated through high paradox have less effect on you and more effect on opponents. Your gear can gain anomalous properties. Negate the penalties associated with arcane disrupting gear.

Cons: Constantly out of phase (As if you were in the Temporal Rift). Extremely high natural paradox. No controllable ranged attacks. Difficult to manage paradox.

Use: Mag and Cun

Skill Tree Ideas

Anomalous Existence: You shouldn't exist. Let's exploit that.

The first talent permanently makes you out of phase and negates the spell penalties associated with arcane disrupting gear. Your minimum paradox is now set to 300+100 paradox. This also changes a small amount of temporal damage to your melee attacks that increases as your paradox does. Each melee attack now has a chance at creating a minor anomaly. Additional levels raise the amount of melee damage converted into temporal damage, the boosts paradox gives to your temporal damage, and reduces the amount of paradox added to your minimum value.

The second talent boosts your temporal damage penetration, but adds 50 to your minimum paradox. Additional levels boost your temporal damage penetration and reduce the minimum paradox added.

The third talent allows you to teleport with perfect accuracy within range 3 as you phase through existence to your destination. This can target a foe to teleport next to them and deal a small amount of temporal damage to them, which adds paradox. Your minimum paradox is raised by 50. Additional levels raise the paradox reduction as you find a more stable timeline as well as the reduce the amount of minimum paradox gained.

The fourth talent allows you to phase your body out of normal existence, allowing you to move freely through walls, make you immune to all damage, but make you unable to damage anything for 3 turns. This can be canceled early for no loss of a turn. Additional levels raise the duration of this talent. At level 3, this can never be prevented by the creation of an anomaly. Skills level with Mag.

Anomaly Weaving: Your touch weaves anomalous properties into your gear.

The first talent allows your various items to contract anomalous properties. Additional levels allow more items to get anomalies, akin to the Cursed class. The more of a specific property you have equipped. the more levels of the property you have. Each time a property triggers, it raises your paradox slightly. Properties include:

Temporal Volatility: Chance on melee attack to cause a temporal bolt to target an opponent within range 5. Higher levels raise the power and chance of a temporal bolt.
Energy Conversion: Chance on hit to gain 5 turns of converting a percentage of non-physical damage into physical damage. Higher levels raise the conversion of non-physical damage.
Reciprocity: Chance on summoning allies to add your defenses to theirs and raise your defenses based on how many allies you have at the time of summon. Higher levels raise the chance of this effect happening.
Repurposement: Chance on hit to gain half a turn. If you move on the turn you gain this, the movement is free and doesn't cost a turn. Higher levels increase the chance of this happening.

The second talent allows you to increase the level cap of your gear's anomalous properties. At level 5, you can concentrate enough of your own anomalous nature to increase one of these properties by 2 levels.

The third talent allows you to chose a talent to project an anomalous property through. This gives you an ability that allows you to target your abilities for effects. Ability anomalous properties multiply the paradox cost of the property trigger by 1.5. Additional levels allow you to target more abilities and reduces the extra cost associated with ability property triggers.

The fourth talent reduces the paradox cost of all your anomalous properties. Additional levels reduce the paradox cost further. Skills level with Cun

Timeline Hopping: For the sake of ensuring that you don't lose whatever grip on reality you have left, you've learned how to find more stable timelines.

The first talent allows you to hop to another timeline without moving. This will take you to a timeline up to 5 turns in the past and reduce your paradox. Additional levels reduce your paradox further.

The second talent gives you a radius 5 targetable teleport that has a 3 radius inaccuracy. This cannot target a space occupied by an opponent and you cannot teleport on a square occupied by an enemy. This teleport reduces your paradox, but the next timeline you hop to will be up to 3 turns in the past. Additional levels reduce the cooldown. Every other level increases the range of the teleport and reduces the inaccuracy of the teleport.

The third talent gives you a 100% accurate teleport at radius 3. (Cannot target a square closer.) This will hop you to a timeline where any buffs and debuffs all other creatures have are 5 turns in the future and reduce your paradox. Targeting an enemy will cause them to swap positions with you and send them 3 turns into the future, but reduce the amount of paradox lost. Additional levels will increase the turns this sends opponents into the future and the cooldown of this teleport.

The fourth talent allows you to project your paradoxical nature on a target within melee distance, reducing your paradox, dealing a large amount of temporal damage to them, and sending them 1 turn into the future. Additional levels raise the temporal damage done. Every other level increases the turns opponents are sent into the future. Skills level with Cun

Anomaly Magnification: You know anomalies are inevitable for you, so you might as well study them to control them.

As it stands, I need to do some research on anomalies, what happens with minor and major anomalies, and how best to control them. Here's what I have now, in no particular order. The anomaly that summons random villagers will now summon actually useful aid, there will be a talent that causes you to get a certain anomaly more often, and a general buffing of good effects and reduction of bad effects of anomalies. This skills will scale with Mag.

Lua Manipulation: You've seen patterns in the voids when you teleport and you've begun to comprehend how they work.

The first talent gives you a targetable ability that reduces all the targeted person's defenses. This cannot reduce them past zero. Additional levels boost the amount of defenses lost.

The second talent allows your melee attacks to reduce an enemy's defenses by a small amount. This stacks in the form of the "Code Reduction" debuff and expires after a short period if no stacks are added. This adds paradox, but it can never trigger an anomaly. Additional levels boost the effectiveness of "Code Reduction".

The third talent allows you to take a percentage of the defenses you reduce and add them to your own defenses. Additional levels increase the percentage of defenses taken.

The fourth talent allows you to wrap yourself in threads of spacial instability that reverse any defense losses you have and convert your damage resistances to damage affinities. This only lasts one turn and taking damage increases your paradox. Additional levels raise the length of this talent. Skills level with Cun. Talent tree unlocks at level 10

Unclassified skills

A skill that allows you to project a radius 2 anti-gravity field that only targets foes.

Weapon set for the class

The Twisted Tunic


Powered by Unknown forces

Carries a cunning requirement to wear

This answers to a power above the universe.

Despite being a cloak, it has tier comparable levels of defense and armor akin to leather armor. Increases temporal resistance. Gives extra temporal damage and defense while Out of Phase. Chance to put you Out of Phase when taking damage or teleporting. Allows you to randomly teleport within range 5 with power 35/60.

This strange tunic seems to have parts of it phase in and out of reality, and some parts of it look bent in impossible angles. Despite this, you can somehow put it on normally, although your body seems to follow the bends and folds of this strange cloak of an unknown material. Zeros and ones seem to be embroidered around the bottom of the cloak and on the edges of the sleeves.

The Source Code

Powered by Unknown forces


This did not originate from the universe. Wonder if something else came with it?

Increases all your resistances by a small amount. If you would normally die from something, your health is reduced to the lowest it can be and your natural health regeneration is set to 0 for two turns. This also eliminates all DoT effects on the wearer .2 mastery of the Lua Manipulation tree.

This white ring seems geometrically perfect. If you look hard enough, you think you can see ones and zeros moving all over the ring's surface.

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Makes me think I should rewrite Anarchist, which is basically the same flavour.

My feedback meter decays into coding. Give me feedback and I make mods.

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