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PostPosted: Sat Feb 08, 2020 9:58 pm 

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I think cursed is a little bit umbalanced with all that evasion, you could theoretically reach 90% as an halfling (repel+shield bonus/punae's blade/armour of shadows/lucky day/curse of misfortune/duck and dodge/maybe something else that i miss?) and btw, i dont like the evasion mechanics, it is the only thing in the game that you cannot control, dispel or bypass, if the enemy has it and you are a melee class the only option you have is to bump and hope the blow lands.

Particularly the repel's bonus is the problem: 20% fixed is too big of advantage early on, it forces you to go weapon and shield immediately at level 12 (Ironic for a class that was mented to just use only two handed axes initially), and you will stick with this setup until the endgame where, maybe, you will change again to two handed because you need more damage to overcome the enemy's armour (thanks to the nerfing of weapons damage post 1.6) and to quickly kill dangerous spellcasters.

Before 1.6, surge and repel where neck and neck in terms of strenght, now that you can obtain weapons that can have up to 100% movement speed on them, surge is worth nothing. And cleave just sucks, yes is better than before but lacks the good sinergy it had with projection weapon because now it will procs on enemies adjacent to YOU, not to them (and you will dont want to use projection weapons anyway because you will lose the stalk bonus).

Interesting fact, steamsaws count as shields for the repel bonus, so if you unlock steamtechs you can have one as an off hand weapon (the best ego is probably the one that add your armour value to the hit damage) and you can regenerate the steam it uses with the powered boots as you move.

As i mentioned before, armour of shadows can be an interesting option as the second prodigy after icctw thanks to the darkness damage you deliver passively by midrot, savage hunter and curse of nightmares, it is probably better than superpower.

The ego weapon "of disruption" is amazing, too bad i don't recognize how strong it is until the end battle.

If you use beckon on an enemy that has not LoS, it will not aggro him, he will just move away from where it is. No other classes can avoid the stairs guardians on high peak so easily.

The good old reckless charge was not nerfed like rush, Hurray!

And last, i feel this game is too stressful as it is now, the increase of difficulty between zone tier 1 and 2 is unbelivable, when you reach 25-30 level then it become easy again except for the bosses, this last until you arrive at high peak, where you will be at risk of panic attacks.

Sorry if i made some mistakes on writing this, english is not my own language.

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