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DarkGod gives, and DarkGod takes
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Author:  phoenixred80 [ Sat Apr 27, 2019 12:48 pm ]
Post subject:  DarkGod gives, and DarkGod takes

DarkGod gives, and DarkGod takes.

Dispatching the elemental storms that had plagued the city of Derth, the dwarven animagus leveled 15 entered Angolwen, the Hidden City seeking succor and advice from the Magi. But as she took the path north and westwards he beheld a strange sight; a Tempest of Angolwen locked in arcane battle against what appeared to be a floating apparition, a hallowed ghost of unknown origins. Seeing that the mighty tempest was wounded by the assaults of the ghost, the brave hero opened a breach in the aether and entered it to reappear behind the ghost, strategically positioning herself so that both she and the tempest could strike with the interloper crossed between them. Wasting no time she reached through her mana reserves and called forth bolts of lighting and conjured orbs of searing flame.

Now facing a second challenger assaulting it from its rear, the hallowed ghost turned towards our hero and began to float in her direction even while magical fire and lightning rained upon its incorporeal form. With the combined might of both arcanists the tide began to turn, until...

Until... Linaniil, Supreme Archmage of Anoglwen appeared behind the hero. The crimson hair of the dwarf stood up like myriad tiny spikes as our hero felt an unimaginably powerful nexus of arcane power drawing monumental amount of mana behind her and then a surge of critical energies emanating from the Archmage as deadly frost of unfathomable power tore the ghost apart while a mighty meteor crashed upon it creating an explosion of fire of mythic proportions disintegrating both ghost and our hero to subatomic particles.

And so, Seena the Animagus was burnt to death by Linaniil, Supreme Archmage of Angolwen.

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