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Second insane win
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Author:  shieldwall [ Tue Apr 16, 2019 9:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Second insane win ... 4a1e8f00e0

Am I cool yet? I'm getting a hang of... beating insane with the easiest, most OP classes in the game.
This time I didn't use item vault, which I consider an improvement over the previous win(I also didn't really need to, because after t1, basically nothing could really challenge me). The only time I died was really dumb and random. I was on level 9 High Peak, gnawing fruitlessly at a unique boss elite berserk with oozemancer talents, when suddenly a random fire drake, who I didn't really notice in a haze of special effects covering everything(srsly, oozedude got so many puddles it's disgusting), critted me for like 800 dmg and killed me instantly. Probably also got some other damage from the boss and whatnot, was too lazy to parse the logs.
The final fight was really slow and boring and I was lucky that Argoniel didn't get any healing talents, otherwise I would still be there, trying to kill her.

All in all, ooze is ungodly resilient, but deals a pretty laughable amount of damage, which is not very fun. Gonna go play some other OP char.

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