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Challenging Combinations
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Author:  scsijon [ Sun Apr 14, 2019 4:02 am ]
Post subject:  Challenging Combinations

Ok, I got bored and have been playing unusual mixes!

One in particular is worth passing on and so I thought others must be doing the same, so a thread may be worth adding (maybe the moderators will sticky it for everyones use).

Format is as follows please>

1>Race/Subrace (standard or from an addon)
2>Class/subclass (standard or an addon)
3>Playing as a (what the type the character is playing as, up to one line max please)
4>help quicknote, no spoilers (max 4 lines) if needed or desired
5>Level to try it at and then to start at at

No extras in the posts please. It's to give other ideas on what they may be interested to try.

So to start it, i'll add

1>Elf/Star Elf.
3>Palladin, no staff, use mindstars instead as the Second set.
4>Try to get the Swordbreaker as soon as you reach level 20, use shields before in your main set.
5>Easier level first, this combination takes some getting use to, then restart a real game higher up, say after level 5>10.

And there you go, a good or bad idea will only be by others additions.

Have fun

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