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PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 6:30 pm 
Low Yeek

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So, everytime I show my Item Vault when I have question specific to one of things I hold there, I constantly get questions - "What is Grotoloth?" "How did you get that Gem of Death?" and similar. I told this story a few times in chat, but because people differ each time, I guess I should just put it all in text.

So, this story starts a long time ago. 27 weeks 6 days ago from today, to be more correct (that accounts to something roughly May 4th, 2017, if I am correct in my math - and I should be, because one of the characters there has Star Wars related event items). I am playing a Cornac Bulwark, Ralidrat, who is faring fairly well, actually one of the few times I am doing great progress into winning normal. And at those days, DarkGod would randomly appear in the chat and troll with us. He would shower us with 666 gold, give all seasonal events, awesome badassery, vorpal bunny, all that crap. And for some who asked, he would even give an uber companion which was almost unkillable and could clear stuff on its own. So one time he asked for sacrifices - someone who would willingly give up their progress and die in the name of DarkGod. I thought, ah what the hell, I will most likely fail soon, so might as well. So I and two more people say "Yes". What we get next is 3 LvL 500 horrors in our faces, ready to melt us - and who promptly do so. We die, then DG asks to make new characters, and gifted us with a gift - the Gem of Death, which I manage to vault.

So fast forward, a day. For some troll reason, I get stubborn that I can make Ghoul Bulwark work fully well (it's normal, of course I could), and with a cheesy HP regen build, I actually manage to pull off my first ever winner - Eremodin the Ghoulwark. Not only that, I killed Atamathon in third attempt (when I realized that Atamathon can't kill me - it was reflective skin and me killing myself). Everyone was cheering me up on good job, on beating the giant golem with this crappy thing, and urged me to the ultimate test - Linaniil, the Supreme Archmage of Angolwen. However, she was too much for me, and while I could survive a decent amount (about 10-20 turns), I just had no damage to really mess with her (not to mention her 7 or so forms). So, I was at 0 lives left, thanks to Eidolon, ported out of there, and thought what to do. I noticed DarkGod was here in the chat, doing what DarkGod does and that was when an idea fell into my head. What happened next was sheer brilliance of mine and sheer horror of DarkGod.

I proclaimed to him: "I have done all I could with this character, I want a worthy death. Let me pick a place of death and on my sign, send me your horrors like during the sacrifice." or something like that. DarkGod amusingly agreed. That was when I set the plan in motion. I returned to Angolwen, went to already aggroed Linaniil, and pulled her out slightly into a more open spot. (using random image as I cant currently get there). I make sure I have all jumps, dashes and etc. ready, and then I tell to DarkGod - "I AM READY!" The three horrors appear like last time, but I bolt into that small upper corridor between Linaniil's place and fountain. Why did I do so? When Ralidrat was being sacrificed, I noticed a weird behaviour with Horrors - they were aggressive to everything. So I thought, "Hey, maybe they can do dirty work for me and if not, nothing lost?" Everyone was waiting with anticipation my death message, but after about ~15 turns (and a lot of screen shaking on my part), suddenly, achievements for killing Lina started dropping. Everyone was stunned in chat by what just happened. DarkGod got mad and filled the whole map with hostile monsters, including way more horrors than anyone would ever want. There was no escape - Eremodin had to pay the price for this trick.

But then DG tells me - "Now make a new character". Stupid me, I wanted to try out Infinite Dungeon, because I never did it then, and I wanted to try out Adventurer, cause I just unlocked it. So I create it, and then ask DarkGod: "And?". And suddenly Grotolath the Vessel of Treachery drops in my inventory. At first I was about to say "Well thanks", but then he says - "Take a look at your encumbrance". The dumb me had already specced this Adventurer into mostly magic, ignoring strength, and suddenly I have a 50 weight lump, while I had only 65 encumbrance at the beginning. I panicked - I just got what could possibly be a one-off item due to my achievement, and I am without possiblity to wear more than few items at time, and in ID. I get confirmation in chat that there is a chance for Item Vault to spawn randomly in ID, so I set myself to the task (with DarkGod sarcastically wishing me good luck), and start off clearing the Dungeon. I went and went and went, juggling my inventory very carefully as I could barely wield anything (robe+staff is already 7, leaving me with 8 weight to distribute as I wish) and the more I went, the more hope I lost, that I was trolled, that I was dragged into a sick joke, and even worse. Someone said it was 5% per floor, yet by 20th floor, I still had no item vault in my sight. I was about to mentally collapse from the pressure to carry this tool on in hopes to save it, but then, at 21st level - the RNGGod decided to take pity on me and the task that DarkGod set me to, and I finally found the vault. I quickly dumped the item into it (actually, getting trouble with encumbrance as I did some juggling) and I stopped the character. This character, Underyn, is still alive, and up to this day, I carry the save of it as a memento.

So that is the story how I got both Gem of Death and Grotolath the Vessel of Trickery. Slight note about the Grotolath - DarkGod actually gave to me a buggy thing as the Telepathy: All doesn't work at all. The only thing it is good as is the 5.0 Phase Door tool - which actually was very useful in a couple of clutchier spots and I was grateful for this literally heavy gift.

Moral of the story: Don't mess with DarkGod - he can be a very angry god.

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This is the most excellent thing that I have ever read and I heartily applaud your adventures.

Let slip the toast of war.

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LtLukoziuz wrote:
Moral of the story: Don't mess with DarkGod - he can be a very angry god.

Well, after all is said and one, he is THE DarkGod of ToME.. you have to treat him with due respect..

But congrats nonetheless.. one word for you and your adventure: EPIC!!! :D

Growing old is mandatory..
Growing up, is completely optional.. ;)

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