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(1.5.5) Cornac Doomed Insane Adventure
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Author:  anp [ Sun Jun 25, 2017 10:49 am ]
Post subject:  (1.5.5) Cornac Doomed Insane Adventure

Hello, today I've won with cornac doomed on the Insane adventure.
I wouldn't ever believe that I would do so if anybody told me this like a year ago.

Thanks to bpat's guide, the most helpful part is maxing out the cursed entry as it does carry through the midgame. Later on, the damage scales very bad, but still it can be a meat shield and effects seeder (like mine was silencing on crit imo).

Well, I've spent all the lives and blood of life :D Doomed is very weak vs ranged.
On peak, there was 2238 dmg spike for example, from unique psyshot.

when you betray an alchemist escort, if you choose a point in a thorn grab (and in psiblades mastery but that's not confirmed!) you will still get +0.1 to cat if you buy it after that in zigur. so after upgrade it will be 1.3 ; i've got 1.4 cause of unique mindstar wielding
you can check on the char page (link at bottom), Escort: lone alchemist (level 1 of Ruins of Kor'Pul)

Just as I had hit lvl 50, there was an event where our DarkGod gave 666666 gold, so to please him I started farming 4k uniques :D
so the gear I have on this char is pretty awesome, I believe. 51 native regen, lol

Antimagic, which is not mentioned in bpat's guide, is just awesome. I would suggest him to add this to the guide.

cat points gone to shadows (haven't found umbraphage nor mastery amulet in ages), insc, adv. shadowmancy, insc, fungus, insc.
as I didn't make a proper planning, I actually had spare points in both generics and class talents. So I maxed cursed aura and SHOULD HAVE put a cat point in it, sadly the last was gone just before that. 4 inscriptions would be enough anyway. also put spare points in darkness, as eg hateful whisper becomes worse with points imo (as it can't be recast on a target already possessed by whisper). not that it was necessary.

Curse of nightmares is awesome! 10/10 truly

As I had no idea that the game will turn this way (getting gozu gear), I now regret my spell feedback choice, I could rather use something another. Though It helped alot anyway

I found two more pieces of the Black Set, which are going to the Vault immediately! Soon I'm going to make a full black Demonologist, HA.

the last battle was a breeze, didn't care about portals, Aeryn was safe. As I had two aoe silences (from antimagic and totem) and also silence on crit sentry, the sorcerers couldn't perform anything dangerous.

thanks for reading! ... 4e9dbba52b

Author:  jenx [ Sun Jun 25, 2017 11:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: (1.5.5) Cornac Doomed Insane Adventure


i think bpat's guide was written before the changes to antimagic.

i haven't played cursed in years!

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