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Nightmare Skeleton Archer - Lots of Addons
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Author:  Steven Aus [ Tue Jun 20, 2017 11:55 am ]
Post subject:  Nightmare Skeleton Archer - Lots of Addons ... ebb2524426

Apart from the Expanded Shop Inventory, Tough Melinda, Guaranteed Zones and Alchemy Reward, basically all of the addons are only about making things more convenient, fun or well defined. I didn't include any Escort addons apart from the one which prevents them appearing on Boss levels. I'm pretty sure they are compatible with each other and with 1.5.5. I find that the 20% XP penalty from my ToME Race XP Penalty Tweak addon makes Skeletons quite fun. They still lack Regeneration, (Instant) Healing and all the other infusions, but you no longer have to slog through a huge XP penalty to gain levels.

Note: I am not using the features of the Adventurer Party addon this playthrough, that would only be for maximum difficulty where you really need more than one character most of the time (or a really beefed Adventurer from the QoL addon).

Author:  Steven Aus [ Thu Jun 29, 2017 12:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Nightmare Skeleton Archer - Lots of Addons

Still going with Nightmare Skeleton Archers. :) Here's my latest one: ... 847b5e4c20

I got a +1 Unflinching Resolve from a lost warrior for removal of stuns and freezes, and a Premonition from an injured seer. Really helped with clearing Derth from the air elementals, especially since I had previously bought a regen boosting lightning damage reducing troll-hide leather. :) I really enjoy the Expanded Shop Inventory addon - even though it does make it a bit easier by having a greater variety to buy, I feel it is worth it since it also makes shops worthwhile and fun, especially early in the game.

Then on the first level of Alt Old Forest I rescued another injured seer and took Arcane Eye +1. That's where I'm up to at the moment.

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