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PostPosted: Fri May 19, 2017 6:39 pm 

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After many years, many YASD on RL and a total playtime of over 28 days... I finally did it :D ... 12e27089dd
Called "the Saviour", because, after I took a Dwarf Pala to ~floor 50 of the ID ( ... 82dc21c772), he was supposed to save me from not winning ToME :roll:

With the ID experience under my belt, 99% of the game has been a walk in the park, with the notable exception of Rak'shor Pride entrance and my careless opening of a vault, also in Rakshor, after I (too) easily destroyed Rakshor himself. Steamrolled High Peak and never dropped below 90%hp on the final fight, portals remained open and Aeryn survived.

  • saves, saves, saves: Power is Money, Spell Shield, Chant of Fortitude, Corrupted Shell (prodigy). Ended up with 94P, 99S, 82M :mrgreen:
  • heavy armor: Tarrasca, Corrupted Shell. Ended up with 124 armor/100% hardiness
  • Constitution/hp: for and through Corrupted Shell, Chant of Fortitude. Ended up with 97 Constitution and 2516hp
  • Retribution+Shield of Light: Absorb 50% of all damage and restore ~10hp on every hit. Yep.

  • Shield Offense + Shield of Light + Weapon of Wrath + Blackfire Aegis (shield) + weapon of projection (projects 2 additional attacks on hit) + Weapon of Light + damage on hit items + Arcane Might (prodigy):
    Brutal. Sun Pala is bad against crowds? I don't think so :) . The projected attacks carry all on hit properties, also Shield of Light, which in turn procs the Blackfire Aegis dark fire burst. Cleared whole rooms in a few turns, even on High Peak. Weapon of Wrath is also a huge damage multiplier and one of the reasons for the high hp build.
  • on hit properties: 30% slow is nice and easy to get, daze, blind and reduced damage are also quite useful and common. Random Gloom is quite strong, aswell.

Build progression:
  • Infusions: Movement (swap Regeneration asap), Healing, Wild (mental+physical would be optimal, but I had no troubles with my magic+phys)
  • Stats: Magic high enough to get Barrier, then Strength to get Assault (1). Then everything to Magic until maxed, leftover points in Constituition/Strength as needed (Weapon Master, Thick Skin). Then alternate between Constitution/Strength.
  • Prodigies: First Corrupted Shell, then Arcane Might.
  • Generic Skills: Start with Combat Accuracy (1), Weapon Mastery (1), Healing Light (1). Then Chant of Fortitude (1).
    1,1,1,1 Celestial Light until ~lvl 20, then ~3,1,2,1.
    Combat training 5,3,0,5,3,0.
    Chants 1,0,0,0 until ~lvl 20, then 5,1,1,2.
    Dwarf 1,1,5,1 , raise Power is Money according to moneybag.
  • Class Skills:
    Celestial Combat 1,1,3,0 until ~lvl 35 then 2,1,4,4 (at lower lvl it's impossible to sustain Second Life without dropping other sustains or loosing Brandish/Wave of Power).
    Shield Offense 2,1,1,1 , more is unneccesary, most of the damage will come from on hit damage, Weapon of Wrath and Shield of Light.
    Celestial Sun 3,2,0,0 until ~lvl40, then 3,2,5,0
    Celestial Guardian (take at lvl 10) 2,1,5,1
    Combat Techniques (take at lvl 20) 1,1,2,0 until ~lvl25 then 5,1,2,0
    Celestial Radiance (take at lvl 36) 2,2,0,0

Thats what I had when i moved into High Peak at lvl 43. You can see on my char what I did afterwards (not rly important, tbh).
Alright, maybe this helps others to finally make a win :D . Any questions are welcome.

PostPosted: Sat May 20, 2017 2:24 am 

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Congrats man!

PostPosted: Sat May 20, 2017 6:42 pm 

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Congrats! I'm too much of a sissy for RL mode myself. :?

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