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PostPosted: Sat Mar 25, 2017 1:56 pm 

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2nd insane win. Last time was with shalore sun paladin. Sun+timeless... Not a fan of insane cos usually then u press "z" lifes count goes -1. Also its slow. Have to be carefull in situations like 3+ uniques and bosses around. Normal becomes boring, easy and less items. Nightmare is ok. But wanted something new + bulwark was buffed. I thought its same paladin without magic. So plan was going antimagic and see if i can "z". Thought between halfling and dwarf. Done NM with halfling so dwarf. Also he was buffed, wanted to see how exactly. T1 dungeons were nothing special. In forest my escort died and drop uniq staff. Was 2uniqs+boss near entrance. Had to leave and come back later. Few times almost died in T2's. Found 20str 19dex hat near 20lvl. 1st category inscriptions, 2nd - battle tactics. Had around 100%/50 armor and safe autoexploring. Maze-sandworm-ruined dungeon-daikara-twins-halfling complex. Killed yeek with repulsion skill, im smart. Back to forest-crypt-tempest+antimagic-dreadfell. Skipped ooze boss in daikara. Unkillable dragon who awake shassy-kashy-someting. Also skipped melinda cos usually its 50/50 death for me. Dreadfell was np. Met aletta and dwarf guy. Sometimes had to run from that fat bitch on other chars but not this time) lvl30 - i can carry the world. Master wasnt a threat as orcs trap. Heal-regeneration-phys wild-movement. No dream walk only disengage, it saved me few times. Uniq blade with increasing crit power and spawning oozes + egg sac was enough. And stone walk is very useful.
~38lvl by the time i reached gates of morning. 3rd category - fungus. Power is money +50 all saves at 5\5. Also found interesting red cloak with telepathy:all. Spiders cave-armory-briagh. Sandworm - 5th inscription, primal one) Shertul fortress, lol cos i didnt find water breathing. Got telos crystal from forest guardian. Quite rare as 2nd time in 20-30 games. Ofc im antimagic but it adds 2 light radius when carried. Reknor-telos tower. Thx god entrance to last floor wasnt middle of the room so killed telos without problems. Prides: rakshor-gorbat. Vaults suddenly spawns every time. In 1 vault monsters begin attack each other making hell lags. Fire dragon vs light horror, cool story. In other vault where u need to dig every space to get to item+monster tile i found around 15 uniq items. Thats too much imo for boring and easy vault. Easy as no rare+ monsters just ~100lvl. Dakhtul gloves fml why its arcane item. Mnemonic+spellhunt remnants+ring of war master+ureslak set that i never used before. -1equ/turn+resists and different damaging elements on weapon. 30% global speed as fire for example :) Oasis-fire run-armory death room. Idk why but wyrms can harm me only with phys dmg, 1 of easiest death room. lvl 50. Maxed str,dex,cun 31vit 17wil. 1900hp. Still didnt pick 2nd prodigy, thinking. Time to pass alchemist quests because 1st to do is last hope and cold wyrm's piece found at gorbat pride. Vor-grushnak-orb guardians-last hope merchant orange 4k toys.
High peak. 90/95/83 saves, but only 170crit dmg. Stair guardians dead, too bored for vaults. Final fight. Aeryn hostile in this version :oops: arrrr. Closed portals, having problems with dmg and penetration. Took fungal blood dunno why lol. Swapped weapon and some gear for phys pen. New antimagic+guardian totem-elandar 10/10992 mana. Veeery slowly beaten him to the ground. Argoniel... deals 1k dmg per 30 turns to me.

Well new balance... More gold from red items mb -> more 4k from merchant. Red items become better, more properties in general. Often see red items with single 15% respen. 4k items become worse, mb im wrong and bad luck dunno. Every game find something new, thats nice. Bulwark insane hp/lvl. Had problems in start T1-T2 dungeons, but then game become easier with high saves vs all. From T2 to high peak statuses werent a problem. Possible to autoexplore and do random shit, even on insane. Guardian totem is surprisingly good. Grab elandar and have ~6k hp. On final fight i got almost no stuns/curses/hexes. 0 deaths + blood of life. ... 17ae3efff6

PostPosted: Sat Mar 25, 2017 9:21 pm 

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Nice! Congrats on the win.

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