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Here is the char : ... d8c2ae361e

Gear equipped right now is the same used since entering high peak and all through the final fight.

As you can see, I did a few stupid things (most notably, forgot you needed a cat point for 6th infusion now and put a point in last ogre racial) but all still turned out alright. I think when the orcs saw an ogre covered in slime/mucus/fungus running at them with only a mankini on they decided to fall on their swords :lol:

One death in vor armoury because i was stupid and overconfident and wanted to wait my last cat point to equip an heroism infusion... right :roll: Got ~90-0, even with 2 oozes out, when Gnarg rushed me with his murderblade, thanks blood of life!

Pumped con to see how the bonus heal mod played out, tried windtouched speed for the first time, liked both. LAT probably made mankini run easier than it was before, but melee ennemies were definitely not the problem anyway, so maybe not so much ?

Got trolled by merchant (8 or 9 artifact bought, used 2 iirc?) Killed all high peak stair guardian. Did a good number of hidden vault and an intimidating cave in high peak. Those level 140 drake don't play around, but even the oozy one with 100% nature res and 37% nature affinity fell eventually. Last fight was a joke, but I still couldn't save Aeryn :(

Gonna expand a bit on this tomorrow and maybe make an ooze guide if there isn't already one?

Now to find a class with which to win the bikini achievement :D

Part 2 :

Tried another oozy for the bikini but that didn't end well : ... c60e19fbca
I did save melinda and killed the rat lich though, so that's something :)

Dark crypt was my first death, couldn't keep all the melee ennemies away and one of them got a 2k crit in while my oozes were down. Everything else was a stroll, so I got cocky and went in the mausoleum just mashing buttons without much thought even when the Archlich popped out of its coffin. Oops.

Halfling was better than ogre since non-magic racials (although i liked the better infusions) and require minimal investment so you're not starved on generics, I'll probably try out cornac next.

Took windtouched speed first because I really liked it last time around. Mostly because oozebeam every other turn wreck things. Apparently the cd doesn't go from 3 to 2.8 but from 3 to 2,yay for us! :D Also easier to have perma regen with fungus and less downtime on heroism. Maybe next time I'll try to go windblade with through the crowd for more silliness, and chaging things up a bit?

Call of the ooze is now one of my favorite talent in the game and I see no reason not to put 3 points in it ASAP and use it at the beginning of every fight. Grasping moss is also 2 points ASAP and will render every melee nearly useless.

What else... oh yeah, conversion, from anorithil escorts, is really nice! Another heal that won't fail because of equilibrium and will even restore it? yes please! Would have even tried to take the whole category but that would mean only one inscription... unless cornac. Well, now, I'm definitely going cornac and trying it out next time.

Well, probably gonna update this again later. I'll make a guide once I'm done messing around but it'll probably be pretty loose because you have a lot of room for error on this class and the most important part is to have fun!

I write guides and make addons too now, apparently

You can go here for a compilation of everything I wrote, plus some other important stuff!

Includes general guides (inscriptions, zone, prodigies), and class guides (Demo, Anorithil, Bulwark, Zerker, Sblade)

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