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PostPosted: Mon Mar 30, 2015 5:47 pm 

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How far can you get your naked Xorn?

"Me Xorn! Me no wear human clothes! They no fit!"

1st dungeon area
Used add-on to double xp gain from 100% of what it would be to 200%.
--tech/dual weapon – dual weapon training (1)
--tech/dual tech – dual strike (1)
--corruption/reaving combat – corrupted strength (2)
--spell/earth – stone skin (1)
--cunning/tactical – tactical expert (1)
Stats: all in Con at lev 1 and 2.

(Used Adventurer so I could see what might be natural for Xorn. It said PC Xorn was “trained by mages” so I figured stone skin certainly makes sense, and also basic training in optimizing the racial benefit of 4 arms makes sense.)

Items: Put a long sword from beginner’s supply in each hand. Refused armor / etc. that should not fit.

Did well vs. single opponents, using the regen infusion in between. Got to character level 2, moved a rock on the very first dungeon level, and there were some bears and bees. This was doom. Backed away to try to do 1 enemy at a time. Used regen infusion and wild dam reduction infusion as much as could. Dual strike almost always missed. I think it hit twice. They chased me in a circle around the whole map like a dozen times. I died once. I killed a bunch of bees and some bears eventually. The main grizzly and another couple bears –vanished- nowhere to be found, even with Z and walking all over! No way I could have taken the grizzly, and without cheating the xp I would have been lev 1, and the crappy beginner armor and gauntlets don’t help anyway in such odds.

Take 2:
Normal mode.
Same as above but now my Xorn gets some psionics:
Removed dual strike as it sucked.
Added psi/finer energy – re-align (1) (heal!)
Added tech/condition – vitality (2)
Tried to use addon cheat to double all stat and talent/generic point gains for when hit lev 2, but it didn’t seem to work, just got the 3 stat points and 1 talent and 1 generic.
Lev 2: was fighting the group of bears and bees, getting hit hard, so:
Added psi/absorption – kinetic shield (1) (20% up to 15 off each hit!)
Increased vitality (total to 3)
I was now able to stand there and take them one at a time while healing and reducing their damage, even the grizzly. I did get in the red a couple times.
Then I realized I was in normal, not nightmare. No wonder. Now, taking down those bears would be crazy in real life anyway, so the Xorn is super powered, but I did the same with a human berserker in the game with no psionics.

Lev 7 Xorn by now. Permadeath after 5 or so deaths in a row vs. 1 skeleton warrior on first floor of next beginner dungeon next to Derth. I even had won healing light (saved me on many occasions) and had a projection attack maul hovering in telekinetic grasp (was not using beyond the flesh though as that 60% hurts a xorn but had +12 def bonus, etc from wearing it it and used the talent, and it even stunned the skeleton). Got into a wall once to heal then attack again but that was not enough to save me. Had four decent magic weapons in hands by now, one making a gloom effect on the skeleton. Remember, this is with 200% xp cheat, not what the xorn is supposed to have! But I did not wear armor, only weapons and lite.

Take 3:
Literally died on the starting square. Did not get one step. I’m serious. A handful of enemies were right there. EASY MODE I KID YOU NOT. I was going to try something but…… -_-.

On the plus side, I don’t have to worry about all that item spam, only the weapons! Hey, this is a pretty good plan to not care about the item spam! But I will still need more balance to not die so soon!


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