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PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2015 1:11 am 

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I was finally able to beat the game on my third serious attempt with this race/class. I died four times (before wasting the rest of my lives on Atamathon), all of which were easily preventable: once to Urkus the High Tempest because I went to the zone at too low a level, once to getting greedy farming oozes in Sludgehome, and twice to one-hitting myself with an AOE attack.

By the end of the game, I was a damage machine, doing up to 6000+ with Vital Shot thanks to +11% all damage, +87% physical damage, more than 100% critical chance, and 216% critical multiplier. My other Prodigy was Eye of the Tiger, which let me spam Steady Shot, Dual Arrows, and Bull Shot. Scatter Shot and Volley of Arrows were also build-defining for me. Activating Heroism +18 and Wrath of the Woods then using both talents would clear a room of anything but bosses.

I tried switching from Aim to Rapid Shot late in the game, but it didn't work as well for me. I guess the critical multiplier and Eye of the Tiger synergize with Aim too well.

I made enough money farming oozes to buy 4 randarts from the merchant in Lost Hope. The first one was incredible: a bow with +43% physical damage and +44% physical resist penetration, but later attempts with arrows and a cloak ended up worse than what I already had.

I felt like I was out of good options for both Class and Generic points pretty early on. I would have liked to unlock the Conditioning tree, but I never got a warrior escort quest. Any suggestions?

Finally, as I mentioned, I quickly burned the rest of the lives I had on Atamathon. Huge damage + reflection = dead PC. Is there any way I could have taken that sustain out?

Thanks, everybody. This is a great game, and I look forward to being able to beat it on non-wimp mode :) ... c3f65d61d8

PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2015 1:54 am 

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Congrats on the win. Archer has good damage, as you noted, although it's generally considered a bit weak on defense and utility skills. As for where to put points, I don't have many specific suggestions but I would say you could put more points in the Antimagic and bow skills. I noticed you didn't put any points in Charm Mastery, but it can be very useful. All the items with activatable abilities are affected by the cooldown reduction.

Since you're antimagic, you could probably use the Spellhunt Remnant gloves to remove Atamathon's reflective skin sustain. The tricky thing is that you need to upgrade Spellhunts to tier-5 by sacrificing a tier-5 arcane artifact; they look like garbage when you first find them, but they get strong at tier-5.

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