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Class comments:
The Mindslayer DPS is not currently overly high, excepting the case of using dual wield with conduit. Conduit applies to both weapons, giving a huge damage bonus when dual wielding! However without using dual weapons many bosses with heals took quite a long time to kill because the Mindslayer DPS simply isn't very high. Large monster packs weren't a huge issue with frenzy but this is more because of tanking than the DPS output.

Damage reduction needs to be applied differently. This is probably a global issue and not just a character issue. Resists are applied first, then basic reductions are applied. For the mindslayer's shields, this means that if you have very high resists, you take 0 damage from most elemental sources.

A couple examples with 70 resist, and mastery point in the shield tree making each aura reduce damage by 35:
300 damage attack - 70% of 300 = 210, 90-35=55 damage final
200 damage attack - 70% of 200 = 140, 60-35=25 damage final
100 damage attack - 70% of 100 = 70, 30-35=*0* damage final

Needless to say very few attacks in the entire game even hit for 300 straight damage. Nor should they.

This is a problem with armor to, especially when stacking physical resist. Armor can be abused with any class though.

With the mindslayer armor plus resists plus kinetic aura makes almost every physical attack in the game... hit for 0-5 damage.

While I didn't abuse it I also noticed that its possible to spike a shield and then use absorption mastery and reuse the shield, applying both buffs simultaneously. If this bug is abused damage reduction gets even crazier... -70% resists, -70% approx from shield spike, -35 from shield.... you get the idea.

Mind hook should have less than a 40 second cool down, and/or shattering charge should take less energy to use. As it stands Mind Hook, while great, takes forever to recharge considering its basically a replacement for skills that other classes get doing similar things. Especially for a class without stuns its difficult to get to where the fighting is at after the first 2 monsters.

Overall I like the Mindslayer's flavor and style and don't really think their overly overpowered outside of the way damage reduction is applied to shields. DPS output is lowish most of the game requiring massive point investments to make it not low, control options are non-existant (no stuns or anything), aura spikes are very weak after about character level 10, maintaining auras drains far to much psi far to quickly while doing little damage. As it stands now auras are only useful for conduit.

Fun game! I really wish the lag issues were worked out... it would make it much more fun. The final dungeon required me to take an action and then read a book for 30 seconds or more before moving again.

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