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Started a wyrmic while going through the classes and it happened to be the first character to make it east (and promptly die, but getting to a new area and splatting is a roguelike tradition).

Commented dump:

Sex              : Male         STR:  76
Race             : Higher       DEX:  16
Class            : Wyrmic       MAG:  11
Level            : 35           WIL:  51

I'm not sure what willpower even does for a wyrmic as the powers say they scale with strength and they don't need mana.

Exp              : 11%          CUN:  10
Gold             : 821.39       CON:  56

Attack(Main Hand):  86          Life             :     -1/1243  Encumbrance      : 154/176
Damage(Main Hand): 187          Stamina          :     309/309  Difficulty       : Roguelike
APR   (Main Hand):  19          Mana             :     509/509
Crit  (Main Hand):   4%         
Speed (Main Hand): 1.00

I don't think I have seen a speed other than 1.00 except with precise strikes activated.

                                Equilibrium      :     70

Fatigue          : 33%          Spellpower       : 11
Armor            : 71           Spell Crit       : 1%
Defense          : 18.1         Spell Speed      : 1
Ranged Defense   : 18.1         

All damage       : 0%
Lightning damage : 12%

Physical Save    : 52.2
Spell Save       : 21.7
Mental Save      : 21.35

All Resists:  -2%
Cold Resist(cap):  32%( 70%)
Lightning Resist(cap):  24%( 70%)
Acid Resist(cap):   3%( 70%)
Nature Resist(cap):   7%( 70%)
Blight Resist(cap):   4%( 70%)
Poison Resistance:   6%
Confusion Resistance:  41%
Blind Resistance:  41%
Stun Resistance: 100%
Knockback Resistance: 100%

I assume this curse of vulnerability thing trashes resists as I know I had better ones than that.

Number of NPC killed: 2872
Most killed NPC: cold drake hatchling (220)

  [Talents Chart]

 - Technique / Two-handed weapons     (mastery 1.10)
    Death Dance (class)               1/5
    Berserker (class)                 0/5
    Warshout (class)                  0/5
    Death Blow (class)                0/5
 - Technique / Combat techniques      (mastery 1.00)
    Quick Recovery (class)            1/5
    Fast Metabolism (class)           5/5
    Spell Shield (class)              0/5
    Unending Frenzy (class)           0/5
 - Technique / Combat training        (mastery 1.00)
    Heavy Armour Training (generic)   1/5
    Massive Armour Training (generic) 5/5
    Health (generic)                  4/5
    Weapon Combat (generic)           10/10
    Weapons Mastery (generic)         10/10
    Knife Mastery (generic)           0/10
 - Wild-gift / Call of the wild       (mastery 1.20)
    Meditation (generic)              1/5
    Nature's Touch (generic)          1/5
    Earth's Eyes (generic)            1/5
    Nature's Balance (generic)        0/5
 - Wild-gift / Sand drake aspect      (mastery 1.40)
    Swallow (class)                   5/5
    Quake (class)                     1/5
    Burrow (class)                    1/5
    Sand Breath (class)               1/5
 - Wild-gift / Fire drake aspect      (mastery 1.30)
    Bellowing Roar (class)            1/5
    Wing Buffet (class)               1/5
    Devouring Flame (class)           4/5
    Fire Breath (class)               5/5
 - Wild-gift / Cold drake aspect      (mastery 1.50)
    Ice Claw (class)                  5/5
    Icy Skin (class)                  5/5
    Ice Wall (class)                  0/5
    Ice Breath (class)                0/5
 - Wild-gift / Storm drake aspect     (mastery 1.30)
    Lightning Speed (class)           2/5
    Static Field (class)              1/5
    Tornado (class)                   1/5
    Lightning Breath (class)          5/5

No idea what wyrmics are supposed to do with all the generic points considering they only have two categories to put them in.

  [Inscriptions (5/5)]

Infusion: Regeneration
Infusion: Wild
Infusion: Healing
Rune: Teleportation
Rune: Shielding

  [Current Effects]

- Hymn of Perseverance
- Icy Skin
+ Curse of Vulnerability
- Pain Suppression
- Regeneration
+ Burning

 [Character Equipment]

 In main hand
a) Warmaster Gnarg's Murderblade (54-86.4 power, 19 apr)
   Type: weapon / greatsword
54 Power [Range 1.60] (+120% Strength), 0 Attack, 19 Armor Penetration, Crit 4%
Damage type: physical
When wielded/worn:
Increases stats: 5 Strength,5 Dexterity,5 Constitution.
Increases talent masteries: 0.20 Technique / Two-handed weapons,0.20 Technique / Two-handed weapons.
See invisible: 25

With a name like that, how could I say no to this weapon.
 In off hand
 On fingers
b) Vargh Redemption
   Type: jewelry / ring
When wielded/worn:
Increases stats: 4 Willpower,3 Constitution.
Increases resistances: 25% cold,10% nature.
Maximum mana 20
Maximum stamina 20
It can be used to summon a tidal wave, costing 60 power out of 60/60.
   Dropped by Harkor'Zun
c) stralite ring of regeneration (+1.50/turn)
   Type: jewelry / ring
When wielded/worn:
Regenerates 1.50 hitpoints each turn.

 Around neck
d) vitalizing steel amulet
   Type: jewelry / amulet
When wielded/worn:
Increases stats: 3 Constitution.
Increases resistances: 7% blight.
Increases physical save: 6.
Regenerates 0.50 hitpoints each turn.
Maximum life 30
Maximum stamina 13

 Light source
e) Burning Star
   Type: lite / lite
When wielded/worn:
Light radius 5
It can be used to map surroundings, costing 100 power out of 150/150.
 Main armor
f) impenetrable stralite plate armour of stability (aquamarine) (7 def, 23 armor)
   Type: armor / massive
When wielded/worn:
Armor 23, Defense 7, Ranged Defense 0
Fatigue 26%
Increases resistances: 4% all.
Increases stun immunity: 56%.
Increases knockback immunity: 54%.

   Dropped by orc elite fighter
g) enveloping elven-silk cloak of resilience (9 def, 0 armor)
   Type: armor / cloak
When wielded/worn:
Armor 0, Defense 9, Ranged Defense 0
Maximum life 53

 On head
h) Nimbuslady the dwarven-steel helm (0 def, 4 armor)
   Type: armor / head
When wielded/worn:
Armor 4, Defense 0, Ranged Defense 0
Fatigue 4%
Damage on hit(melee): 5 lightning.
Increases resistances: 17% lightning.
Increases damage type: 12% lightning.
Increases stun immunity: 13%.
Infravision radius 4

I can't even begin to imagine the thought process behind naming this hat Nimbuslady.

Around waist
i) cleansing rough leather belt of life
   Type: armor / belt
When wielded/worn:
Increases resistances: 6% acid.
Increases poison immunity: 6%.
Regenerates 0.30 hitpoints each turn.

   Dropped by Sandworm Queen
 On hands
j) Snow Giant Wraps (0 def, 0 armor)
   Type: armor / hands
When wielded/worn:
Increases stats: 4 Strength.
Increases resistances: 10% cold,10% lightning.
Increases knockback immunity: 50%.
Maximum life 60
It can be used to activate talent: Throw Boulder (level 2), costing 6 power out of 6/6.
 On feet
k) miner's pair of dwarven-steel boots (0 def, 10 armor)
   Type: armor / feet
When wielded/worn:
Armor 10, Defense 0, Ranged Defense 0
Fatigue 3%

l) dwarven-steel pickaxe of strength (dig speed 31 turns)
   Type: tool / digger
When wielded/worn:
Increases stats: 2 Strength.
It can be used to dig a wall, cut a tree, ..., costing 1 power out of 1/1.
   Dropped by lesser vampire

  [Player Achievements]

'A dangerous secret' was achieved for Found the mysterious staff and told Last Hope about it. At 2011-01-27 14:23:01
'Brave new world' was achieved for Gone to the Far East and took side in the war. At 2011-01-27 14:58:59
'Curse Lifter' was achieved for Killed Ben Cruthdar the Cursed. At 2011-01-26 11:11:29
'Destroyer's bane' was achieved for Killed Golbug the Destroyer. At 2011-01-27 14:43:21
'Earth Master' was achieved for Killed Harkor'Zun and unlocked the Geomancer class At 2011-01-26 12:32:37
'Exterminator' was achieved for Killed 1000 creatures At 2011-01-26 12:36:01
'Home sweet home' was achieved for Dispatched the Weirdling Beast and taken possession of Yiilkgur, the Sher'Tul Fortress for your own usage. At 2011-01-27 10:27:29
'Level 10' was achieved for Got a character to level 10. At 2011-01-26 08:15:10
'Level 20' was achieved for Got a character to level 20. At 2011-01-26 12:44:11
'Level 30' was achieved for Got a character to level 30. At 2011-01-27 11:48:33
'Rescuer of the lost' was achieved for Rescued the merchant from the assassin lord. At 2011-01-25 20:30:02
'Size matters' was achieved for Do over 600 damage in one attack At 2011-01-27 16:52:55
'Sliders' was achieved for Activated a portal using the Orb of Many Ways. At 2011-01-27 14:48:56
'The Arena' was achieved for Unlocked Arena mode. At 2011-01-27 11:09:44
'The secret city' was achieved for Discovered the truth about mages. At 2011-01-26 08:33:32
'Unstoppable' was achieved for Has returned from the dead. At 2011-01-27 16:26:54
'Vampire crusher' was achieved for Destroyed the Master in its lair of the Dreadfell. At 2011-01-26 19:33:23

[Character Inventory]

[bunch of useless junk snipped]

) Orb of Destruction (Orb of Command)
   Type: jewelry / orb
When carried:
Increases stats: 6 Strength.
It can be used to use the orb, costing 1 power out of 1/1.
   Dropped by Grushnak, Battlemaster of the Pride

Is the help text for this item intended to be completely useless or is it bad to use?

) Rogue Plight (amethyst) (6 def, 7 armor)
   Type: armor / light
When wielded/worn:
Armor 7, Defense 6, Ranged Defense 0
Fatigue 7%
Increases stats: 5 Willpower,4 Constitution.
Increases resistances: 35% blight.
Increases damage type: 4% all.
Increases stun immunity: 70%.
Increases knockback immunity: 70%.

   Dropped by cutpurse
) Skin of Many (12 def, 6 armor)
   Type: armor / light
When wielded/worn:
Armor 6, Defense 12, Ranged Defense 0
Fatigue 7%
Increases stats: 4 Constitution.
Increases talent masteries: -0.20 Cunning / Stealth.
Maximum life 40
Infravision radius 6

   Dropped by Subject Z

I ended up using these two until some orc dropped that plate mail.

  [Last Messages]

Toad hits orc elite berserker for 32.50 cold damage.
Something hits Toad for 52.61 cold damage.
Toad resists!
Toad hits orc cryomancer for 51.65 fire damage.
Toad killed orc cryomancer!
Something hits orc elite berserker for 21.30 blight damage.
Something hits Toad for 30.15 blight damage.
Toad hits orc elite berserker for 192.00 physical damage.
Toad hits orc elite berserker for 5.60 lightning damage.
Toad killed orc elite berserker!
Something hits Toad for 285.77 acid damage.
Something hits Toad for 30.15 blight damage.
Toad is cursed.
Toad is on fire!
Something hits Toad for 39.18 blight damage.
Something hits Toad for 82.30 fire damage.
Toad speeds up.
Toad uses Infusion: Healing.
Orc cryomancer hits Toad for 82.30 fire damage.
There is more than one object lying here.
Something hits Toad for 82.30 fire damage.
Toad hits orc necromancer for 201.00 physical damage.
Toad killed orc necromancer!
Orc necromancer hits Toad for 7.16 nature damage.
Toad slows down.
There is more than one object lying here.
Something hits Toad for 76.71 cold damage.
Toad resists!
Something hits Toad for 82.30 fire damage.
Toad uses Infusion: Wild.
Toad lessens the pain.
Talent Infusion: Regeneration is ready to use.
Orc cryomancer hits Toad for 74.97 fire damage.
Toad speeds up.
Toad uses Infusion: Regeneration.
Toad starts to regenerating health quickly.
Orc corruptor casts Blood Grasp.
Orc corruptor hits Toad for 201.19 blight damage.
Orc corruptor killed Toad!
Orc corruptor drains life from Toad!

Only killed me by 1 damage, though it's better than burning to death (depending on which goes first out of regen and burning)

Icy skin's armour boost and passive cold damage let me tank through the early game fairly easily other than bosses. Once I maxed out icy skin, I had 40ish AC and most melee enemies couldn't do enough damage to overcome fast metabolism and the regen items. Around Dreadfell monsters started to be a problem again, with skeletal master archers sticking me to the floor and spending half the tower confused. Oddly, confusion in a hallway isn't that bad since running into the wall doesn't take a turn, so you either hit the monster next to you or walk away from it. The Master had a 9 (!) turn shielding rune and spent most of his time blinking around and going invisible but died eventually to stair dancing and fire breath.

I noticed the event upon leaving the tower prevents you from dying, but is it meant to be unwinnable or did I get the "bad" outcome?

The crypt quest triggered while leaving Dreadfell and I went in anyway despite dying twice there with previous characters (I wanted to see the end, if that means throwing a bunch of characters into the meat grinder until someone gets through, so be it). I had the sense to put on Rogue Plight for blight resist this time at least, and between that and stair dancing I got to the fifth floor. I see there is a 30 turn timer for something but I don't know what it is for. I assume it was to kill the four acolytes but killing four casters that retreat in 30 turns wasn't happening with a melee guy (also, I was dying).

After arriving in the east, I proceeded to die to some random orc ambush thanks to someone with an acid rune that did 352 damage and had to revive with the blood of life. I went into one of the prides, saw a couple of wyrms in the entrance and got out. I found one that had melee guys like me in it and managed to clear it relatively easily, though the fight with Grushnak was not very exciting. Once he put his buffs up, I was hitting him for 2 damage + poison with a basic melee attack, but he couldn't hurt me enough to get past a shielding rune and the healing. My strategy was to go down with a shield up, breathe fire, breathe lightning, tickle him until the shield fell, go up and regain equilibrium and repeat. He sometimes gained health though, so I think he heals on criticals or something, but I was in no danger of dying and he died eventually. Upon exiting I ran into another orc ambush and got blasted by the corrupter. Strangely my teleport rune failed in the ambush that finally killed me, even though it worked in a different one.

Conclusion: Don't mess with orc ambushes.

How does the Earth's Eyes ability work? I can target an area out of LOS and map it, but I can't see it because it's out of LOS so I don't see the point.

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One thing willpower does for you is that you can't get equilibrium-based casting fails if your equilibrium is less than or equal to your willpower. It also buffs your stamina (which may or may not matter to you) and buffs antimagic (resolve is *excellent* for wyrmics if you can pt up with the quest to get it)

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