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 Post subject: Hey there Chatti
PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 10:06 pm 

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So, this is my favorite mage, and by far my most successful character ever. This might be the fifth or sixth incarnation of her with playing serious mode on.

I haven't actually had too much trouble ever. I can't think of anything other than the first five character levels ever dropping below 150 hp. I have been rather daring to see just how powerful she is with dropping her in the middle of cryo/pyromancers in Vor without stun/freeze resistance up and seeing how hard they can hit; and testing how important hp is right now. It seems hp is a huge factor in her survival, especially if she ever (which won't happen now) gets chain frozen about three times, some occasions dropping her then hp by half (roughly 400/500 damage over 10 turns).

I always have blur, feather wind, stone skin and arcane focus on, and if need be, turn on thunderstorm for 5-10 turns. I always try to have 20 or more healing, mana, cure disease, and cure poison potions on hand, along with acid proof back ups. I then like to run with 10+ greater healing and mana potions for emergencies, while having acid proof versions of these as back up back ups.

I don't care who you are, what you're playing, and if you never run out of mana. Cool downs still happen, so I really feel the need to have 20 or so phase door and teleportation scrolls on hand always. That one turn of getting away until your targeted phase door is reading again really can save your ass.

Oddly though... I haven't really needed near the amount of these items as I feel compelled to carry. With feather wind, I could (theoretically) carry 99 of all of these in all their forms, and STILL have room for a few changes of equipment. I really really like that spell...

The only trouble that I can recall having in recent memory is the slime caves. I am really very surprised that I simply can not do enough damage to end the expanding menace. With corrosive vapor and thunderstorm running, and dropping chain lightning/lightning/manathrust I can get 30 kills a turn easy, but they just multiply even quicker than that. It really is a slime hell... And on that note, that's where I'm at now. I need to go back down and try to put the two remaining (I was able to drop one orb properly) orbs back where they need to go.

On to the dump!

[Tome 4.00 @ Character Dump]

Sex : Female
Race : Hobbit
Class : Archmage
Level : 40
Exp : 25%
Gold : 1.70

STR: 16
DEX: 25
MAG: 74
WIL: 56
CUN: 27
CON: 62

Life : 1178/1178
Mana : 423/423
Encumbrance : 74.5/215
Difficulty : Normal

Attack(Main Hand): 22
Damage(Main Hand): 108
APR (Main Hand): 4
Crit (Main Hand): 31%
Speed (Main Hand): 1.00

Spellpower : 113
Crit : 54.1%
Speed : 1

Fatigue : 4%
Armor : 42
Defense : 51
Ranged Defense : 91

Physical damage : 19%
Arcane damage : 16%
Fire damage : 38%
Cold damage : 10%
Lightning damage : 28%
Acid damage : 13%
Nature damage : 15%
Blight damage : 17%

Physical Save : 20.125
Spell Save : 33.125
Mental Save : 21.375

All Resists: 0%
Fire Resist: 35%
Cold Resist: 40%
Lightning Resist: 15%
Acid Resist: 15%
Nature Resist: 20%
Confusion Resistance: 100%
Blind Resistance: 100%
Stun Resistance: 100%

Number of NPC killed: 2843
Most killed NPC: brittle clear ooze (403)

[Talents Chart]

- Technique / Combat training (mastery 1.00)
Heavy Armour Training (generic) 1/5
Massive Armour Training (generic) 0/5
Health (generic) 5/5
Weapon Combat (generic) 0/10
Sword Mastery (generic) 0/10
Axe Mastery (generic) 0/10
Mace Mastery (generic) 0/10
Knife Mastery (generic) 0/10
- Spell / Arcane (mastery 1.30)
Arcane Power (class) 5/5
Manathrust (class) 3/5
Manaflow (class) 1/5
Disruption Shield (class) 0/5
- Spell / Fire (mastery 1.30)
Flame (class) 1/5
Flameshock (class) 0/5
Fireflash (class) 0/5
Inferno (class) 0/5
- Spell / Earth (mastery 1.30)
Stone Skin (class) 5/5
Dig (class) 0/5
Strike (class) 0/5
Stone Wall (class) 0/5
- Spell / Water (mastery 1.40)
Corrosive Vapour (class) 5/5
Freeze (class) 5/5
Tidal Wave (class) 0/5
Ice Storm (class) 0/5
- Spell / Air (mastery 1.50)
Lightning (class) 5/5
Chain Lightning (class) 5/5
Feather Wind (class) 5/5
Thunderstorm (class) 5/5
- Spell / Conveyance (mastery 1.30)
Phase Door (generic) 5/5
Teleport (generic) 5/5
Displacement Shield (generic) 0/5
Probability Travel (generic) 0/5
- Spell / Nature (mastery 1.30)
Regeneration (generic) 5/5
Heal (generic) 0/5
Restoration (generic) 0/5
Nature's Call (generic) 0/5
- Spell / Divination (mastery 1.30)
Sense (generic) 5/5
Identify (generic) 3/5
Vision (generic) 5/5
Telepathy (generic) 0/5
- Spell / Phantasm (mastery 1.30)
Illuminate (class) 3/5
Blur Sight (class) 5/5
Phantasmal Shield (class) 0/5
Invisibility (class) 0/5

[Current Effects]

- Blur Sight
- Feather Wind
- Stone Skin
- Arcane Power
- Hobbit's Luck

[Completed Quests]

-- Escort: lost sun paladin (level 2 of Trollshaws)
Escort the lost sun paladin to the recall portal on level 2 of Trollshaws.
-- An apprentice task
You met a novice mage who was tasked to collect many staves or jewelry.
He asked for your help should you collect some that you do not use.
* 15/15
-- Escort: lost anorithil (level 5 of Trollshaws)
Escort the lost anorithil to the recall portal on level 5 of Trollshaws.
-- A mysterious staff
Deep in the tower of Tol Falas you fought and destroyed the Master, a powerful vampire.
On your way out of Tol Falas you were ambushed by a band of orcs.
They asked about the staff.
-- Escort: lone alchemist (level 6 of Old Forest)
Escort the lone alchemist to the recall portal on level 6 of Old Forest.
-- Eight legs of wonder
Enter the caverns of Ardhungol and clear the source of the spider infestation there.
But be careful, those are not small spiders...
-- Trapped!
You heard a plea for help and decided to investigate...
Only to find yourself trapped inside an unknown tunnel complex.
-- Let's hunt some Orc
The elder in Minas Tirith sent you to the mines of Moria, deep under the misty mountains, to investigate the orc presence.
Find out if they are in any way linked to the lost staff.
But be careful, even the dwarves did not venture in the old halls for many years.
-- Escort: lost sun paladin (level 6 of Tol Falas)
Escort the lost sun paladin to the recall portal on level 6 of Tol Falas.
-- Escort: lost anorithil (level 2 of Carn D?m)
Escort the lost anorithil to the recall portal on level 2 of Carn D?m.
-- Important news
Orcs were spotted with the staff you seek in an arid waste in the southern desert.
You should go investigate what is happenning there.
-- Escort: injured seer (level 4 of Tol Falas)
Escort the injured seer to the recall portal on level 4 of Tol Falas.
-- Escort: repented thief (level 4 of Trollshaws)
Escort the repented thief to the recall portal on level 4 of Trollshaws.
-- The Doom of the World!
You were sent to Mount Doom, in the ancient land of Mordor, where the One Ring was once forged by Sauron and destroyed by Frodo Baggins.
This place is still full of the power of the ring and the orcs intend to absorb this power using the Staff of Absorption!
Whatever their plan may be, they must be stopped at all cost.
The volcano is attacked by orcs, a few Sun Paladins made it there with you, they will hold the line at the cost of their lives to buy you some time.
Honor their sacrifice, do not let the orcs finish their work!

You arrived in time and interrupted the ritual, the blue wizards have departed.
Use the portal to go back to the Far East, you *MUST* stop them, no matter the cost.
-- Lost Knowledge
You found an ancient tome about gems.
You should bring it to the jeweler in the Gates of Morning.
Limmir told you to look for the Valley of the Moon in the southern mountains.
-- The wild wild east
There must be a way to go into the far east from the lair of Golbug, find it and explore the unknown far east, looking for clues.
-- Escort: injured seer (level 1 of Tower of Amon S?l)
Escort the injured seer to the recall portal on level 1 of Tower of Amon S?l.
-- The Island of Dread
You have heard that in the bay of Belfalas, far to the south of Bree, lies the ruined tower of Tol Falas.
There are disturbing rumors of greater undeads and nobody who reached it ever returned.
Perhaps you should explore it and find the truth, and the treasures, for yourself!
-- Into the darkness
It is time to explore some new places dark, forgotten and dangerous ones.
The Old Forest is just south-west of the town of Bree.
The Maze is west of Bree.
The Sandworm Lair is to the far west of Bree, near the sea.
Carn D?m is to the north of Amon S?l.
* You have explored the Old Forest and vanquished the Old Man Willow.
* You have explored the Maze and vanquished the Minotaur.
* You have explored the Sandworm Lair and vanquished their Queen.
* You have explored Carn D?m and vanquished the Dragon.

[Active Quests]

-- The many Prides of the Orcs
Investigate the bastions of the Pride.
* You have destroyed Rak'shor.
* You have destroyed Vor.
* You have destroyed Grushnak.
* You have destroyed Gorbat.

* All prides lie in ruins, their masters destroyed. High Sun Paladin Aeryn would surely be glad of the news!

Any questions, comments, concerns or advice, please let me know.

And, DG, spell crit doesn't actually do anything, does it? ;)

Final Master's Character Guides
Final Master's Guide to the Arena
Edge: Final Master... official Tome 4 (thread) necromancer.
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 Post subject: Re: Hey there Chatti
PostPosted: Thu Sep 16, 2010 1:56 am 

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spell crit does affect how much damage yous spells do. If you crit your spells will do more damage, and spell crit is how often your spells are critical.

Oliphant am I, and I never lie.

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