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Allowing inscriptions by inscription tier and talent level?
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Author:  Norphi [ Sun Nov 26, 2017 3:29 am ]
Post subject:  Allowing inscriptions by inscription tier and talent level?

I've got a little bit off track while reworking the Necromancer class and ended up creating a bunch of quest lines granting special talent categories. Got the idea when I realised that Lichform also changes the race of a character, thus why not write a few quests obscuring the line between alive actors and undead actors. One talent related to a "bringing undeads back to life" quest line would call for re-allowing Infusions on undead characters (after having the player go through the hassle of "acquiring" spare parts). Just removing Infusions from the list of forbidden inscriptions is simple but is there any way to link this to the Infusions tier? I don't really want to make this talent interactive like opening a dialog and selecting an Infusion, checking the level, temporarily allowing infusions again for a turn, auto-use said infusion... it seems so unelegant...

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