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Making a simple 'menu screen'...
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Author:  andar_b [ Thu Nov 15, 2012 1:45 am ]
Post subject:  Making a simple 'menu screen'...

I've sorta figured out the basics of a dialog, after someone linked me to the Wiki about a character sheet. That took some fiddling but it's working now (except for the title of the dialog not using the selected font; I faked it.)

I've made a quick little 'welcome' screen like many *band variants have and I think it fits. I tried the 'draw to the screen' code that was posted on the wiki under UI, but it didn't do diddly. :o It also didn't throw an error, so I assume I'm just missing something. I'd like essentially the same result as using a dialog, but to cover the whole UI and capture input pending a choice.

I'm thinking if I can just get the background displayed, I could even chuck a dialog up for the menu choice, that would be dandy. It would only display if the player is starting a new game, to roll for character stats and such. May have an option for the introduction as well.

I'll work on making the dialog options in the meantime, but this is giving me fits.

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