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Stuck with Debuff timer in negative
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Author:  sheldon_frost [ Tue Nov 12, 2019 2:40 am ]
Post subject:  Stuck with Debuff timer in negative

My character is stuck with a permanent confusion effect from "lobotomized". the current countdown timer is -171 and continues to count down with no abilities being able to heal it.

Heres a description of what happened: while fighting the volcanic caldera boss i was put into a dream where i failed and got the usual HP drain, coming out of the dream, my alchemist died, not sure if it was triggered by the boss's attack or the dream drain. my golem continued to fight but i self destructed him. when i resurrected in limbo my alchemist still had the lobotomized debuff and after trying to rest it away, it continued to count down in the negative.

below are screen shots i've taken of the the aftermath and how the effect is displayed in game

Image Image

i've uploaded my ziped save file here if anyone wants more in depth information!J3YTxIxZ

to be honest i would really like to fix this as i was planning on taking this character all the way, i know this place is just for bug reporting , but if anyone has any ideas of how i can repair my save that would be great.

*edit: heres a link to another thread and separate incident where this same bug manifested 2 years ago in 2017

as you can see the cases are eerily similar, (both ice focused alchemists with the same sustains running)
my assumption is that this bug possibly has something to do with the alchemist and golem code or an even more probable conclusion: something to do with this exact combination of sustains being active

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