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Hello, I've been playing TOME daily for some 3 months now, and collected a number of things I consider bugs, and several wishes. Since I prefer playing off-line, you won't be able to find my characters etc.
In case it is relevant, I play under Win10-64, Intel core i5, AMD R7-370, with the current version 1.5.10.

Bugs (of course some might be intentional features)
1 - there are two occasions where the player is asked for a contribution. In the fortress that dialog correctly warns that you need to have an account and be logged in to profit from the extra's, but the dialog shown when you reach level x (multiple of 10) doesn't.
2 - when you have contributed while not logged in, the game keeps asking contributions.
3 - buttons on the TOME character creation window don't behave correctly at font-size = 120%: e.g. the 'play!' button can be clicked at the bottom half only, and the cancel button can't be clicked at all.
4 - when your character has summoned creatures, the screen tends to reposition when the edge of the map is in view, jumping left and right alternating.
5 - it's annoying that about 1-2 sec after task-switching away from TOME, the mouse pointer jumps towards the bottom right of the screen.
6 - I had a reproducible hang (TOME not responsive any more) when wielding a matched set of mindstars, and replacing one with another that also completed a matched set. (frost/wyrm/...)
7 - Prox' lucky halfling foot is added to the quickbar even though it has no activatable power
8 - max encumbrance shown at top of inventory is not updated when (un)equipping items
9 - enthralled slaves in the hidden compound don't release their choking hold when they turn friendly (on slaver kill)
10 - earthen missile (spell - stone) gives an extra missile at level 4, while the description says 5.
11 - the aegis spell description should mention its (limited) duration - now the description gives the idea that the effect lasts for the duration of the shields. After casting you can see the duration, but when picking the skill you can't see that, nor whether the duration increases with more class- / attribute points or spellpower.
12 - dragging an item with an activation to the toolbar yields a dedicated icon for the power, while attaching a hotkey to the activation from the talents screen ('m') gives a generic one, which is unhelpful and confusing.
13 - The achievement 'That was close' will also trigger if you're below 1 hitpoint when your target dies, if you die only at -x hitpoints. So it should either be reworded, or the test should be adjusted.
14 - The description of 'Touch of Death' is inconsistent; it says (at level 1.3) it causes 100% damage each turn for 4 turns, increasing by 18% each turn (so after 4 turns, they would have take a total of 118% damage). If I use the first part, the total damage after 4 turns should be 100% + 118% + 136% + 154%, and not 118%.
15 - when a friendly creature stands on a chest, and you displace it, you are not asked if you want to open the chest. This can be fiddly for e.g. summoners and oozemancers.
16 - It happened to me lately (Ogre Wyrmic AM, Nightmare) that Fillarel in the Unremarkable Cave kept trying to run into me, and every time started up the conversation again. Perhaps I inadvertently damaged him during the fight with Krogar?
17 - The Taint of Telepathy is useless to an Anti-Magic character, but still you can't drop or transmogrify it as it is marked as a plot item - that doesn't seem to make sense.

Wishes (as always, not everyone will agree to all of them)
W01 - Ogric wrath shouldn't be a spell - it is not logical, and therefore it is very hard to make an ogre anti-magic unless you know exactly what to watch for and plan from level 1 - and why? And even if you reach it, you still can't use the ogre skills unless you loose access to Zigur again, possibly blocking resolution of the Derth quest.
W02 - item activations should be removed from the shortcut bar on removal (unless manually placed there). Otherwise it should at least be made visible that the item is not equipped, and clicking on it will equip it (with cooldown) instead of activating it. (This is of course not true for the items that can be activated directly from the inventory, like the spydric poison rod.)
W03 - item tooltips should be clearer:
- at least alter "changes damage: +15% fire" to "changes damage: fire + 15%"
- it would help a lot if there is a clearer difference between effects when you hit, and when you are being hit. A clearer use of sections should help, like
1) generic item properties, like weapon damage
2) when carried
3) when wielded/worn
4) when hitting
5) when being hit
6) on activation
W04 - You should always get some reaction, and possibly a reward, after completing a person's quest and talking to him/her again. E.g. finding out what happened to the wife of the Last Hope alchemist doesn't give any reaction from him. Rescuing Derth from Urkis gets you both a reaction and a (big) reward from Zigur, but nothing at all from Angolwen, nor from the inhabitants of Derth.
W05 - dialog boxes should be easier to use with the keyboard; now for a yes/no question 'y' or 'alt-y' doesn't work, and the focus is not clear (visually hardly noticeable and while you can use arrow keys to select, it often takes several clicks to toggle between the two buttons).
W06 - slings are unrealisticly heavy. Weight might go from 4 to 2 (And even then they are as heavy as a full set of robes)
W07 - toolbar buttons should also display their tooltip when the inventory or shop window is open - then you can compare runes and infusions much easier, and check if all your equipped items have buttons.
W08 - it would be really nice to be able to find out why a skill/spell is not available. E.g. I've just started playing a necromancer for the first time, and suddenly my 'create minions' wasn't available any more, even though I had enough mana, souls, and no anti-magic equipped. Clicking on the disabled icon did nothing, and gave no warning. It took me a fair while (and a death) before I saw my necrotic aura sustain had been deactivated.
W09 - It would help to be able to drag the progress indicator of the scrollbars.

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