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PostPosted: Sun Feb 09, 2020 3:39 pm 

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Disruption Shield won't explode reaching max energy storage.
Step to reproduce:
* Try fighting Linaniil.

The callbackOnHit code is wrong and this shield will only explode at 50% mana.
What's more, its damage log is wrong upon exploding.
The following code shows an experimental fix, I am not sured if it is correct or can fix all the bugs.
   callbackOnHit = function(self, t, cb, src, dt)
      local p = self:isTalentActive(
      if not p then return end
      if cb.value <= 0 then return end
      if self:getMana() / self:getMaxMana() < 0.5 then
         self:forceUseTalent(self.T_DISRUPTION_SHIELD, {ignore_energy=true})
      -- if self:reactionToward(src) > 0 then return end
      self.disruption_shield_power = self.disruption_shield_power or 0
      self.disruption_shield_storage = self.disruption_shield_storage or 0
      local absorbed = 0

      if cb.value <= self.disruption_shield_power then
         self.disruption_shield_power = self.disruption_shield_power - cb.value
         absorbed = cb.value
         cb.value = 0
         game:delayedLogDamage(src, self, 0, ("#SLATE#(%d absorbed)#LAST#"):tformat(absorbed), false)
         return true
         cb.value = cb.value - self.disruption_shield_power
         absorbed = self.disruption_shield_power
         self.disruption_shield_power = 0

      local do_explode = false
      local ratio = t.getManaRatio(self, t)
      local mana_usage = cb.value * ratio
      local store = cb.value

      if self.disruption_shield_storage + store >= t.getMaxDamage(self, t) then
         do_explode = true
         store = t.getMaxDamage(self, t) - self.disruption_shield_storage
         mana_usage = store * ratio
      if (self:getMana() - mana_usage) / self:getMaxMana() < 0.5 then
         do_explode = true
         local mana_limit = self:getMaxMana() * 0.3
         mana_usage = self:getMana() - mana_limit
         store = mana_usage / ratio
      cb.value = cb.value - store
      absorbed = absorbed + store
      self.disruption_shield_storage = math.min(self.disruption_shield_storage + store, t.getMaxDamage(self, t))

      game:delayedLogDamage(src, self, 0, ("#SLATE#(%d absorbed)#LAST#"):tformat(absorbed), false)
      game:delayedLogDamage(src, self, 0, ("#PURPLE#(%d mana)#LAST#"):tformat(store), false)

      if do_explode then   
         -- Deactivate without losing energy
         self:forceUseTalent(self.T_DISRUPTION_SHIELD, {ignore_energy=true})
      return true

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