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[1.5] Steamsaw Stats Not Showing in the Character Sheet
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Author:  helminthauge [ Tue Oct 01, 2019 9:50 am ]
Post subject:  [1.5] Steamsaw Stats Not Showing in the Character Sheet

When I was playing a sawbutcher I've sometimes found the combat stats of my mainhand steam saw not showing correctly in the character sheet, like in the picture following. This doesn't affect actual attack damage though.
After some investigation, I've found that this is because steamsaws can get shield egos, some of which has additional damage on weapon hit. Unlike weapons, where this bonus is a part of combat field of the item, it is a part of special_combat. Weapons has their accuacy, base damage, damage range, damage type, base critical chance, etc. in combat, while shields in special_combat. And how the character sheet dialog is programmed (for stone wardens) makes combat field ignored if special_combat is presented and this weapon is in mainhand, this is why these steamsaw combat stats are not showing correctly (actually, what is shown I believe is your unarmed combat stats without your handgear) if in mainhand, plus the additional damage on weapon hit from the shield ego also doens't work at all.

I have personally written an addon to fix this. ... w%20bugfix

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