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tool tip font spacing
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Author:  hvlckvtnr [ Fri Sep 06, 2019 2:39 pm ]
Post subject:  tool tip font spacing

Recently I started playing ToME again after a few years, and once again bothered by a cosmetic wart: the tool tips use the beautiful font that comes with game, but unlike regular dialogs, they treat it as if it was a monospace font. That is, they treat each character as if it was the same width, as opposed to the proportional spacing font that it is.

This is most pronounced with narrowest letters, like "i" and "l", which now have tons of whitespace around them, look really out of place. Result is that the font looks great in general in other dialogs, but looks just terrible in the tooltips.

Is there a reason why the tool tips could not also use the font as proportional spacing? Is it because want things aligned in various lines of text? Such a shame, really mars the beauty of font...

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