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PostPosted: Sat Aug 24, 2019 4:11 pm 

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   name = "Virulent Disease",
   type = {"corruption/plague", 1},
   require = corrs_req1,
   points = 5,
   vim = 8,
   cooldown = 3,
   random_ego = "attack",
   tactical = { ATTACK = {BLIGHT = 2} },
   requires_target = true,
   no_energy = true,
   --getTargetDiseases = getTargetDiseases,
   target = function(self, t) return {type="hit", range=self:getTalentRange(t), talent=t} end,
   range = function(self, t) return 5 end, -- Instant cast should not do thousands of damage at long range.  This is still too powerful, though
   action = function(self, t)
      local tg = self:getTalentTarget(t)
      local x, y = self:getTarget(tg)
      if not x or not y then return nil end

      local diseases = {{self.EFF_WEAKNESS_DISEASE, "str"}, {self.EFF_ROTTING_DISEASE, "con"}, {self.EFF_DECREPITUDE_DISEASE, "dex"}}
      local disease = rng.table(diseases)

      -- Try to rot !
      self:project(tg, x, y, function(px, py)
         local target =, py, engine.Map.ACTOR)
         if not target then return end
         if target:canBe("disease") then
            local str, dex, con = not target:hasEffect(self.EFF_WEAKNESS_DISEASE) and target:getStr() or 0, not target:hasEffect(self.EFF_DECREPITUDE_DISEASE) and target:getDex() or 0, not target:hasEffect(self.EFF_ROTTING_DISEASE) and target:getCon() or 0

            if str >= dex and str >= con then
               disease = {self.EFF_WEAKNESS_DISEASE, "str"}
            elseif dex >= str and dex >= con then
               disease = {self.EFF_DECREPITUDE_DISEASE, "dex"}
            elseif con > 0 then
               disease = {self.EFF_ROTTING_DISEASE, "con"}

            target:setEffect(disease[1], 6, {src=self, dam=self:spellCrit(7 + self:combatTalentSpellDamage(t, 6, 45)), [disease[2]]=self:combatTalentSpellDamage(t, 5, 35), apply_power=self:combatSpellpower()})
            game.logSeen(target, "%s resists the disease!",
         end, py, 1, "circle", {oversize=0.7, a=200, limit_life=8, appear=8, speed=-2, img="disease_circle", radius=0})
      game:playSoundNear(self, "talents/slime")

      return true
   info = function(self, t)
      return ([[Fires a bolt of pure filth, diseasing your target with a disease doing %0.2f blight damage per turn for 6 turns, and reducing one of its physical stats (strength, constitution, dexterity) by %d. The three diseases can stack.
      Virulent Disease will always try to apply a disease the target does not currently have, and also one that will have the most debilitating effect for the target.
      The effect will increase with your Spellpower.]]):
      format(damDesc(self, DamageType.BLIGHT, 7 + self:combatTalentSpellDamage(t, 6, 65)), self:combatTalentSpellDamage(t, 5, 35))

The tooltip says that the damage is 7 + self:combatTalentSpellDamage(t, 6, 65), while the actual damage applied is 7 + self:combatTalentSpellDamage(t, 6, 45) (before crit).

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