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Clone issues with Worldly Knowledge.
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Author:  Lord Blade [ Sat Aug 24, 2019 12:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Clone issues with Worldly Knowledge.

So at the end of the Dark Crypt, you're supposed to fight a clone of yourself. Playing on Madness, I've had the issue a few times where my character had taken the Worldly Knowledge prodigy, and when I get to the clone part, I get the "Worldly Knowledge selection" window pop up, asking to pick a talent tree (obviously the game's doing it because of my clone). The issue is that the window shows up blank, with no options to select. At which point my game is just stuck. There's no way to close out that window, all I can do is Alt-Tab and force exit the game.

I figure it's either because I'm on Madness, so my clone has been given extra talents because of the difficulty and thus has all the talents Worldly Knowledge could give it. Or it's because I've actually used the tree from the prodigy myself, so when my clone is made, it already has that tree, and then tries to unlock it again through Worldly Knowledge.

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