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[1.5.10] UI Bugs, Can't subscribe to workshop in-game
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Author:  OhTheFolly [ Sat Jul 06, 2019 2:43 pm ]
Post subject:  [1.5.10] UI Bugs, Can't subscribe to workshop in-game

Sorry for dumping all this on you at once. I'm think I'm too "lucky" at accidentally finding bugs :oops:

UI bugs:

1. Can't click and drag to scroll up/down, can only scroll with mouse wheel.

On vertical sliders, I can't click the circle. When I try to, it just selects something else. So it's impossible to click and drag. Can only use mouse wheel, which is much slower on a long list.

Possible cause?: I'm running 1080p with 120% zoom. Using Windows 10 1080p at 125% dpi if that matters.

Maybe it's a scaling issue, making the hitbox for the circle completely wrong?

2. Having background turned on uses a lot more resources than the game usually ever does.

To describe it best, playing ToME brings my temperature monitor to about 42-45 centigrade tops. Having background on cranks the temperature of my laptop up to a minimum of 65 c. I don't know why that is, but I've permanently turned background off for now.

Quick question. If you have any DLCs, and background is turned off, is there a way to select which art shows up instead of background?

Workshop in-game issues (I'm logged in in-game, of course, and running ToME via Steam):

I prefer to subscribe to the workshop for an addon when available. When going to the workshop in-game (for example going to an addon spotlight, then going to the workshop page to subscribe -- NOT going there via Steam Overlay) there's a couple problems.

1. When bringing up workshop in-game you can't subscribe even after logging in.

Even after entering a Steam Guard code to login, clicking the subscribe button does nothing.

2. Every time you close the game and reopen, you have to enter a new Steam Guard code to login at the in-game workshop.

I don't know why Steam thinks ToME is a new browser/device every time you close and reopen the game. But for some reason it does.

This isn't too big of a deal because you can shift+tab to bring up the workshop and that works just like it should. It's just that for any addon spotlight you like, it seems a bit strange to have to manually find the workshop page via Steam overlay to actually subscribe, despite being able to bring up the workshop page via the in-game browser just fine.

Edit: System wide gamma issue when exiting game abnormally:

This is just weird.

Just after loading a save I accidentally clicked the button that lets you move UI around, and moved something without meaning to. I don't think there's any kind of "cancel" or "reset change you just made" for that (just a reset all UI to default option, which I didn't want to use).

I figured if I force quit the game with task manager that would reset the UI position I had just changed. When I opened ToME again, that did in fact work.

But there was a side effect to the force close. Everything in Windows was way over-lightened. I mean everything. For example Steam and Discord were a very light gray instead of their normal dark/almost black. Everything was affected this way, and even after closing/reopening programs they stayed this way.

What fixed it was opening and closing ToME (the normal way) twice. Closing it the first time didn't fix it, but for some reason doing it a second time did.

So strange. But I'm thinking it has to be ToME's gamma setting affecting all of Windows if the game doesn't close properly.

Edit 2: The Windows-gamma-is-way-too-high after closing the game problem happened again, this time when closing the game normally (exit command from main menu).

This time the problem wouldn't go away no matter how many times I opened and closed ToME.

I had turned opengl shaders off, and framebuffers off, before running into the problem.

So I tried turning those options on again. Then, closing the game returned gamma outside of the game back to normal.

It seems like something about having those off might be buggy when closing the game, and causing the game's gamma to get "stuck".

Edit 3: It seems that every time opengl shaders are turned off, the everything-is-too-bright-after-closing-the-game bug happens.

It happens even if you turn them back on before closing the game. In other words, if those were turned off at any point while the game was open, then no matter what, when you close the game everything in Windows is going to be way too bright.

It can always be fixed by opening and closing ToME with opengl shaders turned on--IF they were already set to be on when ToME was opened.

I hope that helps for figuring out what's going on with that.

Author:  HousePet [ Thu Jul 11, 2019 8:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [1.5.10] UI Bugs and Can't subscribe to workshop in-game

1) I'm pretty sure that bar is/had never been a functioning scroll bar.

2) I think its because its running faster than a player would move, and also running the highest AI for the actor.
I just turn it off.

2b) Even without DLC, those images are chosen at random. (Possibly some have to be unlocked?) The only control over which image it picks is the "Censor boot" option.

Steam) No ideas here. Could just be a lot of faults with Steam.

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