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Forbidden Tome: "Of Knowledge And Horrors" broken
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Author:  oheleW [ Fri Mar 08, 2019 6:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Forbidden Tome: "Of Knowledge And Horrors" broken

I read the book Forbidden Tome: "Of Knowledge And Horrors". I made it to the third level and I killed the boss and all the horrors. Now I should exit the book, but there is no exit. I have definitely searched every tile on the level. When I try to autoexplore to exit, I just get a message 'there is nowhere left to explore.' I have no means to teleport out of there either, since I'm playing the infinite dungeon campaign. I got the tier 5 book from the boss, but I can't read it to get out, since I am already in a book. I also touched all the fountains of knowledge to get stat and talent points.

I tried to exit the game and reload it to make and exit appear. But there where still no exit. As instead, all the fountains of knowledge had been reset, meaning I could get points from them again. And every time I reload the game, the fountains where reset again, allowing me to get infinite amount of stat and talent points.

So now I am stuck in The place which does not exist. I can't get out, but I can get unlimited stat and talent points.

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