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skirmisher problem with the shield
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Author:  zelurker [ Sun Jan 20, 2019 4:47 pm ]
Post subject:  skirmisher problem with the shield

Tried a skirmisher halfing : he can't equip his shield, there is a message about "not enough stat" in the history log without telling which stat...
When using a human instead of a halfing the message becomes "missing dependency" !
addons directory :
ashes-urhrok.teaac tome-addon-dev.teaa tome-darkfix.teaa tome-items-vault.teaa tome-meteor-fix.teaa tome-possessors.teaa tome-spell-blade-.teaa tome-stone-wardens.teaa

if it's not a bug, it looks a lot like one... !

edit : it was because of the "spell blade" addon, sorry, it took me quite a while to understand !

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