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PostPosted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 12:30 pm 

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As of ToME patch 1.5.10 (Maybe earlier as well but who knows), there is an easy-to-use exploit/bug with the Stone Warden's Deeprock Talent Category which will allow one to gain potentially infinite talent points in the talents Volcano and Throw Boulder (Granted from the "Volcanic Rock" and "Boulder Rock" passives within the Deeprock tree, respectively). This is fairly easy to set up; only requiring levels 14 and/or 18, some spare class talent points, a town, and enough MAGIC stat to access the relevant talents in the Deeprock talents:

Step 1: Have Deeprock Form unlocked and the ability to learn the "Volcanic Rock" and optionally the "Boulder Rock" talents within the category.
Step 2: Put a couple class talent points into "Volcanic Rock" and/or "Boulder Rock" so that you can undo them in town (you can undo up to the last 4 class talent points spent on Nightmare difficulty, more or less on other difficulties I believe)
Step 3: Cast Deeprock Form - this will grant the "Volcano" and/or "Boulder Toss" talents which are normally removed upon Deeprock Form ending.

Step 4: While Deeprock Form is active, remove the latest talent points you put into Volcanic rock and/or Boulder Rock. Exit level-up screen while confirming the change. Let Deeprock Form end.
This will NOT remove the "Volcano" and/or "Boulder Toss" talents as normal.

Congratulations, you now have those talents learned outside of Deeprock Form.
This can be repeated indefinitely to gain potentially infinite effective talent levels into the Volcano and/or Boulder Toss talents, scaling their damage infinitely.

Obviously this is a pretty big exploit, being able to use infinitely-scaling talents. Not much to explain, but additionally a couple of interesting observations:
- Outside of Deeprock Form, Volcano has a cooldown of 20 turns instead of the normal 5 turns no matter the talent level.
- By using Deeprock Form before putting points into "Volcanic Rock" and/or "Boulder Rock" and then removing points from them before Deeprock Form ends, you'll lose talent levels in Volcano and/or Boulder Toss, respectively. I guess it's expected, but still weird.

A couple of examples, for posterity sake...I guess.

File comment: An example of a high level Boulder Toss
e646j.jpg [ 99.43 KiB | Viewed 116 times ]

File comment: An example of a high level Volcano
tfykre.jpg [ 106.13 KiB | Viewed 116 times ]

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