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"Through The Crowd" Prodigy
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Author:  pocas2 [ Thu Jun 14, 2018 6:21 pm ]
Post subject:  "Through The Crowd" Prodigy

There're a few problems with that prodigy. here's what it's supposed to do in 1.5.10:
*Swap places with friendly creatures in 1/10 turn.
*Never damage allies or neutral creatures.
*+10 all saves and 3% global speed(max15%) per friendly creature in sight
*all party members get through the crowd prodigy too

In reality only the first line works, the rest doesn't work.
my fire drake still decimate my other summons, Rimebark freeze everyone etc....
the stacking buff either is not working or its stats are hidden as you can see on pics below
global speed
talent pic :

Could use some fixing cause it seems really nice since rework. thanks!

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