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Cults Possessor and Drem Weirdness
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Author:  Snarvid [ Wed May 30, 2018 6:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Cults Possessor and Drem Weirdness

Just thought I would post stuff that seems like it's not WAI for the Possessor and Drem here. Not a big list for now but will add to over time. They aren't necessarily bugs per se, because the game isn't crashing or generating a report, just odd things that seem like they shouldn't be happening the way they are.

1. Drem enemies you find still use the Dwarf racial tree.

2. I get that some skills that create long-lasting changes shouldn't be allowed for Possessor - Friend of the Worm, Bind Demon, etc. However, others are excluded that baffle me. Possessors can't learn Entropic Gift from enemies, which makes it really hard to use other Cultist skills that add Entropy to your non-healing base form. Also have had enemies with Zero Point Energy but not Pierce the Veil, I thought there was a change to how NPCs were built that made them take all prereqs?

3. From Below it Devours says it does no damage, but it does. Very, very little, but it has an unarmed attack.

4. When you Assume the shape of a Searing Horror and use its summon ability, it creates 3 luminous horrors, only 1 of which is allied to you - the other two are enemies.

6. Drem cannot enter Zigur, presumably because their ability to port to their home city is a spell, even if they are otherwise unmagical. This is so even if they are an Oozemancer.

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